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The Art of Self Care: Tips for the Exhausted Woman to Reclaim Their Joy

Being a woman and a mom is a tough job, and it can be especially easy for moms to forget about taking care of themselves. But, self-care is crucial to maintaining our physical and mental health. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself; in fact, it’s necessary! As a therapeutic-based coach and therapist who helps women achieve balance and reclaim joy in their lives, I’m here to share some tips on building self-care into your daily routine.

So, what is self-care anyway? Self care is anything that fills your cup. Think of things that relax you, bring creativity or joy. It might be stopping to smell the flowers, a massage, reading your favorite book, or participating in a hobby. Self care can encompass one or all the 4 main areas of health- social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  1. Prioritize Self-Care: Make self-care a priority by scheduling time for it every day. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath or going for a walk, make sure you plan something just for you each day. It doesn’t have to be long; even 10 minutes can make a difference!
  2. Set Boundaries: Setting boundaries is crucial when it comes to self-care. Learn to say no when you need to, and don’t feel guilty about it! Your time and energy are valuable, so protect them like they’re your most prized possessions. Sometimes boundaries are tough… but if you are not protecting your peace, you know there is something out of place.
  3. Get Creative: When it comes to self-care, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Find what works best for you and get creative! If you love painting, set up an easel in your bedroom or living room where you can paint whenever the mood strikes. (And BONUS tip: Add something into what you already do… For example, pray while in the shower. Dance while doing dishes.)
  4. Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude can help shift your mindset from negative to positive. Take some time each day to write down three things that you’re grateful for – big or small!
  5. Connect with Others: Connection with others is essential when it comes to self-care. Reach out to friends or family members who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself.
  6. Be Positive: It is important that you surround yourself with positivity. Pay attention to your own self talk, just as much as the people you surround yourself with and the environment you place yourself. If you are noticing negativity around you, whether brought on by yourself or others, start making some changes. This may mean setting boundaries, creating distance, being more intentional with adding in gratitude or finding other ways to limit the negativity in your life.

Remember that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish – in fact, it’s necessary if you want to be the best mom, wife, friend, daughter… and really, the best version of yourself. Take time each day to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, get creative, practice gratitude, and connect with others. With these tips in mind, you can build self-care into your daily routine and reclaim your joy!

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Judith Labert

I have over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Addictions counselor, as well as focusing on Art Therapy, PCIT/Parenting and Trauma as my specialties. I added an Integrative Mental Health Certification as well as other holistic tools to help my clients.
Now as a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness, I am able to bring all of my skill sets to the table.
Through my own journey, I have discovered my passion of helping others become their best selves through an integrative approach, using holistic tools such as various art and therapy modalities, lifestyle coaching, emotional release techniques, aromatherapy, goal setting, mindset and more!

hi! I'm Judith!

I am passionate about holistic healing, emotional health & wholeness and helping people achieve their best lives authentically!

I’m a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness.

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