Are you struggling with life, mom responsibilities, being tired, feeling burned out? These are all related to our mental wellness.

I was where you are.

Struggling to find time for myself. My marriage was suffering. My relationships with my children were poor. I hated my job and struggled every day to get out of bed. My physical health was suffering as much as my mental well being. 
It took a fight with my husband that brought me to a reality check. Then I took a hard look at my wellness goals.
Mental wellness goals
mom burnout

Exhausted, overwhelmed & just plain burned out?

Do you give until there is nothing left? Always doing and giving to everyone else so you wonder where there is time for yourself? Feeling resentful that others are reliant on you, then feel guilt because you love them and want to be there? You just wish you were more present and energetic…. 

Learn how Burnout affects your brain and 4 things you can do about it in my Guide “How burnout impacts your well-being as a mom (and what to do about it)”.

Does any of this sound

Are you ready to make sure your mental AND physical wellness are optimal and starting THRIVING?

let's go with yes!

The following are some of the tools we may implement to improve your physical and/or mental wellness to help you reach your life goals. You may request these independently OR they can be added to your customized wellness package.


AO Scan Technology

Using the AO Scan technology, we can look at frequency imbalances in the body as well as emotional frequencies to target ailments and create better health. In addition, these reports can provide a wealth of information to help you better target your physical and emotional well-being and can be a useful tool to bring to your doctor, chiropractor or other specialists to support any current care you may be receiving, furthering your overall mental and physical wellness.

Multiple Scan Options
Various scans that help pinpoint areas within the body that are out of balance, as identified by a large database of 120,000 Blueprint Frequencies.

Your Body Is Electric
Science has discovered that every cell, tissue, and organ of the body is 98% energy that resonates with a unique frequency and vibration (Brett J. Earl M.D. Psc.D iMD).
Hand-Held Technology
The technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and others who theorize that everything physical at its most fundamental level is actually light, energy, and frequency.

The AO scan a reliable tool for helping us map our own health path using biofeedback frequencies.

It is especially important to remember that AO scanning is using frequencies and NOT chemistry or electricity. This makes it perfectly safe to use with pacemakers, transplants, children and or pregnancy. Results from a scan equate to a frequency reading or exposure to frequencies, not a diagnosis of event. The goal is to re-educate frequencies that have begun to vibrate incorrectly back to the known found correct frequencies. When the AO scan is used, it can help to balance out unhealthy frequencies as well as offer the correct frequency so that like a tuning fork, piano or other stringed instrument, the correct frequency could help an item to resonate at the same correct frequency and hopefully hold or maintain that correct frequency for a time. Albert Einstein once referred to it as “A spooky effect that happens from afar.”

Everything gives off its own Frequency whether healthy or unhealthy or even missing. When scanning a missing limb or organ; the scan results will reveal how the body is handling or dealing with that missing organ. To review some examples to help understand this concept of energy and belief systems, feel free to review articles such as THIS.

A tuning fork is indifferent to the origin of the frequency that causes it to resonate if it is the same frequency. Like the tuning fork, other objects will also resonate when their correct frequencies are close enough and vibrating. THIS short article gives us an additional perspective which shows the same objective of the AO scan frequencies with respect to properties of the human body.

**It is important to remember that these devices do not take the place of medical care. This is a tool for educational purposes only**

Mental and physical wellness goals
Mental wellness goals

Aroma Freedom Technique

Ever had a limiting belief? Have you struggled with setting goals? Or maybe you feel stuck but are struggling to move forward?

Using the power of smell and language we can significantly, change thought patterns and even reduce the intensity of emotions to help you move forward.

Aroma Freedom is a safe, easy and effective way to gently dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that hold us back from achieving our dreams. By using pure essential oils and proven psychological principles, it uses the principle of Memory Re-consolidation, which has been studied by modern Neuroscience. 
Aroma Freedom is a wonderful tool for goal setting, stress reduction, relief from painful memories and overall mental wellness and emotional balance.
*Limiting Beliefs 
*Anxiety & Depression
*Traumatic Memories
*Memories of Abuse
*Negative Self-Talk
*Bad Habits
*Relational Changes
*False Labels & Fixed Mindsets
*Emotional Triggers
*Oppressive, Religious Patterns
Our sense of smell connects directly to the limbic system (where flight, fright or freeze activates). The limbic system triggers our survival response in our memory center.
Free Life Balance Assessment!
Are you an exhausted mom, trying to get everything done that you want to and feeling burned-out and overwhelmed by it at?
In as little as two minutes discover your source of stress and get some recommendations to create more balance in the areas you need it most. 



Global Energy Method

Mental wellness can have physical connections and  when we don’t process an emotion, it will often end up “stuck” in our bodies. Stuck emotions can cause dis-ease and discomfort, limiting us in our thinking and action and holding us back from being our best selves! These emotions can sometimes be generational as well as our own, influenced by events or beliefs.

When scheduling: While you can schedule a single session, most people need 3-6 sessions to make a significant shift. Package options available! Sessions are conducted remotely and a session summary with recommendations is provided via email after each session. 
By using muscle testing, or kinesiology, we are trusting that your subconscious knows the answers to questions (Research muscle testing). Emotions are often “stuck” or lodged in our bodies when they are not fully experienced. Have you ever heard that anger is found in the liver? There are emotions that are commonly found in places in our bodies.
Chronic pain
       Money or business blocks
       Past negative events 
       Weight challenges
       Addictions or habits
     … And so much more! 
*Disclaimer: I cannot diagnose, cure or treat physical ailments through the Emotion/Body Code/GEMS. I likely will be able to provide you with some insights and direction but my work is not diagnostic. My direction comes from Christ alone and I advise seeking medical attention or other practitioners that can support your specific issues with more depth as needed. Energetic release and frequency work can help the body back into homeostasis which allows the body to be more capable of healing on it’s own. Please consult additional services as needed.
Mental and physical wellness goals
mental and physical wellness

Body By Design

A 7-Week Oola Program
Imagine feeling lean, strong, self-confident and healthy without ever dieting again! Imagine setting your physical and mental wellness goals and succeeding at reaching them. This 7-week positive weight management course led by Coach Krystal Nielson is a fully customized step-by-step macro based program to get you fast and lasting fitness results.

Find Financial Freedom with the Green Gap

Reduce debt, invest in your future, and have fun along the way. The Oola Green Gap program will meet you where you are financially and provide personalized content to help get you started on your path to financial freedom.

Is this kind of financial peace of mind actually possible? Yes!

In fact, the Oola Green Gap program is specifically created to bring balance to your personal finances which will bring balance to your mental wellness as well. You’ll develop a path to financial well-being that’s simple, effective and achievable. Plus, with the Oola Green Gap, it’s not only just about ridding your life of debt and investing for your future, but having fun along the way is built right in.

Imagine having control of your finances. Feel the stress lift, month after month, as your debt is decreasing. Gain security as you watch your investments grow. All while giving yourself permission to have some fun spending along the way.

No more worrying. No more fighting. No more debt!

You would be free of financial stress . . . have more options for your career and your future . . . easily pay your bills . . . and, without all the fighting about money, you’d probably enjoy a better relationship, too. Now think about investing for the future at the same time you’re eliminating debt. Instead of worrying about an unexpected car repair, medical expense or job loss, you’d have an emergency fund to take care of that all while building a comfortable retirement . . . and, eventually, experience real wealth.

financial freedom course

It's Easy to work with me!


Book a time with me to discuss your needs. You may choose specific services OR you may desire to select a Chat option to discuss your options.


Add the service time to your calendar and check your email for further instructions. Reach out with any questions or concerns before we meet.


Meet with me to discuss the support you desire in achieving your wellness goals. We will create a customized plan just for you with the right amount of support.

Kind Words from Clients.

Therapy Services

What is Therapy?

Mental wellness goals
Therapy is a process of meeting with a licensed therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, relational issues and/or somatic responses. I incorporate a variety of modalities to meet each person’s specific needs for the best outcome. Therapy incorporates a variety of modalities to support emotional healing, such as DBT, CBT, TF-CBT, Conscious Language, art therapy, aromatherapy, brainspotting, Aroma Freedom Technique, Emotion Code and more.
Undoubtedly, therapy can provide the tools and skills to live a healthier version of yourself by changing self-destructive behaviors and habits, resolve painful feelings, improve relationships and more.
 As expected, therapy is confidential and can be an intensive way to work on issues often based on theories and modalities that are used as a framework for processing and building tools. 
*May be limited to Oregon residents due to state limitations. Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I may be able to work with you. 

What is Art Therapy?

Mental wellness goals
Art Therapy involves the use of creative techniques to allow both artistic expression and emotional processing. A credentialed Art Therapist is trained to “decode” the nonverbal messages, symbols and metaphors often found in the art which then leads to a better understanding of feelings and behaviors. As a result, the client can resolve deeper issues. 
Artistic expression is a great way to process the non-verbal where often words can fail. There are no artistic abilities required! It is a creative process that is beautiful in its own way. It is beneficial to all ages and abilities- it is a form self expression and self care to create! 
Art is a great form of expression and no, you don’t have to be “an artist” to participate! If you can draw a line and use shapes and colors, you can create! Join me for online and in person offerings, both individual and group sessions! I can integrate Art Therapy into coaching, therapeutic events and more, or it can be utilized on it’s own! While there is power in the spoken word, there is also power in creativity and expression!
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