finding the balance in life

I empower Christian women to recover their joy, reignite their faith, and revitalize their lives to have balance, purpose and somatic healing

to live the life you are designed for!
Inner Confidence
Building Faith
Positive Mindset

Are you a mom, struggling to find balance in life?

Do you  feel exhausted, overwhelmed and just plain burned out? Have you  been  wondering how to repair or build relationships? Or struggling with your faith?
Do you give until there is nothing left? Always doing and giving to everyone else so you wonder where there is time for yourself?
Feeling resentful that others are reilant on you, then feel guilt because you love them and want to be there? But you just wish you were more present and energetic…
You are not alone. I can help.
Keep reading and you will certainly learn:
~how to earn back your freedom and build positive relationships. 
~how to conquer anxiety and reduce mom guilt.
~how to take time for you and feel more in control of life.
finding the balance in life

Here's how we can work together to
find balance and joy in life, and reduce anxiety without medications.

finding the balance in life
Facebook Group
Join my free Facebook Group “Emotionally Drained Christian Mamas” to learn basic skills for balance in mom-life and the support of other mamas. 
Support tools
Check out all the tools I offer to support emotional release and find balance in life and build up your knowledge through go at your own pace courses. 
coaching mom life health and wellness
Explore the many coaching options I offer that will result in you reaching your goals much faster and with accountability!
Oh, hey there!

I'm Judith Labert!

I love working with clients, helping them achieve more balance in their lives! Most importantly, helping them feel heard, establish goals, build skills and live the life they are designed for! 
As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Integrative Mental Wellness Practitioner, I am constantly building my own toolbox to support my own well-being as well as my clients. Above all to help them move into a place of health- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Let's build you that life of balance, freedom and health so you can thrive!


I have a variety of tools, techniques and short work-at-your-own-pace courses to help you balance emotional and mental health, find freedom and balance in life.


In addition, sometimes we need someone to help us on our journey.

Coaching can help you with accountability & perspective to propel you to the next level in your journey, whatever that might be.


Subsequently, therapy services are sometimes needed when we are struggling more on the emotional side. Therapy is often more of an intensive process to help you be “unstuck” and heal more completely. 

Kind Words from Clients.

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