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Anointing Your Life with Essential Oils for Health and Harmony

In the hustle and bustle of managing life, faith, and family, even the most steadfast Christian women might find their inner peace resembling a stormy sea rather than a serene lake. If the waves of worry have been crashing a bit too loudly lately, it’s time to explore the sanctuary of scents that God has provided through essential oils.

A Fragrant Path to Peace

Ah, the whiff of a good fragrance! It can turn a drab day into a delightful one. But did you know that fragrances and essential oils do more than just add a pleasant scent to your life? They can work wonders for your mind, body, and soul too! Whether it’s easing stress, uplifting your mood, or soothing your senses, these magical elixirs have got it all covered. You don’t have to be a perfume connoisseur or a wellness expert to reap the benefits of fragrances and essential oils. Just find a scent that tickles your fancy or a solution that addresses your need, and voila! You’re on your way to a fragrant and fabulous life. So go ahead, spritz, diffuse, roll-on, or dab your way to happiness!

Here are a few of my favorite scents that you can try to help you relax and find calm, even on the busiest of days.

Lavender: The Gentle Embrace

Imagine God’s comforting hand resting upon your shoulder as the soft, floral notes of lavender oil fill the room. Revered for its ability to soothe anxious thoughts, lavender is like a whispered psalm that calms the spirit. Breathe it in during prayer time or as you meditate on His promises. Lavender is a great oil for helping to relax before sleep.

Chamomile: A Warm Cup of Faith

Chamomile isn’t just for tea; its oil form is like a lullaby for the senses. The sweet, apple-like fragrance can help temper feelings of restlessness, much like a heartfelt conversation. Chamomile also is known for reducing anxiety.

Orange: The Mood Lifter

Orange is a great oil for meditation and helps lift mood and reduce stress. It can also add a pleasant aroma to a room, creating a warm and calming environment.

Frankincense: An Ancient Soother

Frankincense’s warm, spicy aroma carries a history of holiness and healing. Used for thousands of years to lift moods, this biblical balm can help anchor you in moments of mindfulness.

Sandalwood: The Essence of Calm and Clarity

Sandalwood promotes mental clarity and is used for meditation, prayer and other spiritual rituals. It has shown to manage anxiety and has also been shown to be an aphrodisiac.

A Blend of Healing and Hope

Adding in essential oils can be a huge benefit in your health and healing journey. There are so many essential oils that offer amazing benefits and can help you target the symptoms or issues that will boost your well-being. Here are a few ways to easily add in essential oils into your daily routines.

Embracing Aromatherapy in Your Daily Walk

  1. Start with prayerful intentions. Before using any essential oil, set aside a moment to ask for God’s guidance on your journey to peace.
  2. Introduce oils slowly. Pair one or two drops with a carrier oil for a topical application or use a diffuser to spread the scent throughout your home.
  3. Reflect on His creation. As you inhale the essential oils, contemplate the wondrous nature God has created, including these powerful plants.
  4. Create a calming routine. Incorporate the oils into your daily devotionals or self-care regimen to signal to your body and mind it’s time to slow down.

Navigating Your Wellness with Judith

As an Integrative Mental Wellness Coach and Integrative Mental Health Licensed Practitioner, I have a background in using a variety of tools to support mental and physical well-being. One of my favorite tools are the essential oils! They create such a calm and helps us find balance, reducing symptoms and changing our cells! They are quite incredible… Amid life’s tumult, let these blessed scents remind you of your purpose and place within His loving design.

May the still, small voice of God be as tangible as the calming scents that surround you. 🕊️

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🌿 Restore serenity to your spirit with aromatherapy. Learn more about integrating essential oils into your faith-filled life by visiting Judith’s website.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

Picture of Judith Labert

Judith Labert

I have over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Addictions counselor, as well as focusing on Art Therapy, PCIT/Parenting and Trauma as my specialties. I added an Integrative Mental Health Certification as well as other holistic tools to help my clients.
Now as a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness, I am able to bring all of my skill sets to the table.
Through my own journey, I have discovered my passion of helping others become their best selves through an integrative approach, using holistic tools such as various art and therapy modalities, lifestyle coaching, emotional release techniques, aromatherapy, goal setting, mindset and more!

hi! I'm Judith!

I am passionate about holistic healing, emotional health & wholeness and helping people achieve their best lives authentically!

I’m a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness.

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