A Few of My Favorite Things!

I’ve put together a very specific list of the tools and resources I use, love and highly recommend for mom life health and wellness.  I have tried, tested and believe in these products!

This list includes some affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small percentage should you decide to make a purchase. It does not make the product more expensive for you! Over time, it allows me a little coffee money which I promise to grab a cup to drink while supporting your journey!

 I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I would love your feedback as well! 

My Top 3 Favorites for Mom-life Health & Wellness

Solex AO Scan Health Scanner

Keep tabs on what is going on with your health and wellness and the health of your family and even pets! This hand-held device is comprised of amazing technology that works with your body’s frequencies and energies to detect imbalances and will help your body regain homeostasis. The Voice Scan is my favorite to target emotions… and emotions are literally behind EVERYTHING! 

mom life health and wellness

Amare: The Mental Wellness Company

Cutting edge technology and natural plant based ingredients help to target complete wellness. By focusing on the gut-health, we are targeting health issues that can be physical, emotional and even financial! Amare focuses on the idea that when we feel better, we can love other better. 

Grab your life-changing supplements here! Please message me if I can help you decide
on what you need or coach you as you make the life changes to #createyourbestlife!
mom life health and wellness

Savvi Athleisure Wear

Whether you are a fitness guru or business professional, there is something for you! Comfortable, quality clothing for the active lifestyle. Earn income as a Savvi Ambassador (Learn about joining the Savvi Team) or just shop for your own comfort HERE! The goal of Savvi is to empower and inspire women, providing an encouraging and fun community and create a lifestyle that reflects balance. 

mom life health and wellness

The Rest of My Favorite Mom-life Health and Wellness Tools

mom life health and wellness

LifeWave Patches are small patches that activate your body’s own natural healing with stem cell activation patches. The famous X39 patch is deigned to elevate a copper peptide know to activate stem cells, offering rapid pain relief, reduced inflammation, supporting wound healing, increased energy and vitality, offering mental clarity, enhances sports performance, offers a faster recovery from exercise, and improved skin appearance. 

Write your own Copy! A simplified way to write! 

Jasper is an AI Program that will blow your socks off with all it can do! Customized images and text that is written by a pro but is all you… If you have a business, do a lot of writing or struggle with content creation, this tool might be just what you need! Give it a go and see your SEO rise! 

Young Living. Essential oils, supplements and clean living products that support a healthy lifestyle- from the inside out. The oils are beneficial for emotional and hormonal support, as well as oil-infused supplements for higher impact and absorption. The thieves line and other home goods support a clean environment without the yuck! 

Kinsley Armelle. Style with a Purpose! Kinsley Armelle has designed a collection of bracelets with a purpose! We want to assist in raising awareness and support for causes that need it most. Our Awareness Collection features ten colorful bracelets, each made with opal stones, faceted glass beads, and adorned with an awareness ribbon and classic KA tag. 

Xero shoes. Barefoot minimalist-inspired shoes with a natural fit that support natural motion. Zero-drop non-elevated heels allow from proper posture, balance, and agility. Lightweight and comfortable for a natural fit. Travel friendly, light and comfortable shoes. 

Oola. The Mind-Body Company. Oola is all about living your best life.  Love Oola and want to share? Clothing and accessories, and the books that started it all! Shop the store here.

Oola. The Mind-Body Company. Oola is all about living your best life and being in balance. Shop high-quality supplements, Learn-at-your-pace programs, and Oolapalooza tickets, to set you up for living the life you are designed for! 

The WavWatch.

Did you know that sound vibration can heal different health problems? A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that sound healing therapy can treat everything from anxiety and depression to chronic pain besides enjoying different sound frequencies.

It is becoming an essential part of Biohacking for people who want to improve their health, cognitive abilities, and even longevity as a part of their personal growth.

Loop Earplugs. Save your sanity…

Noise sensitivity. Sleep. Focus. Turn down the noise, and turn up your life. 


These are a few of my FAVORITE things...

Get Strong… Not Just Strong For a Girl! Never give up. Stay strong, mentally and physically. This clothing is a symbol of standing back up, fighting against any resistance that life throws at you and becoming stronger! This is the idea of where this company was born- to motivate strong women to overcome adversaries and embrace their strength! Use code: JUDLAB10 for 10% off your order! 

Get Crunchi! Natural Makeup without the Junk! Make-up that is safe. Toxin-free. Organic. Clean. This company knows the value of the safety of the ingredients- after all, everything we put on our face and bodies ends up in our bloodstream! It is not worth sacrificing our health! Quality matters! 

mom life health and wellness

Pure Wave. Relax. Recover. Restore. Forming healthy habits is not always easy! Yet, with Pure Wave you have a powerful tool to help you make therapeutic massage a part of your self-healing routine. Whether you  are looking for a way of relieving pain, building performance or just restoring general health and movement, this tool has the cutting edge technology of percussion and vibration massage to help you feel and move better. 

The Remarkable Tablet: A digital notebook as close to paper as it gets! 

This tool is a great productivity enhancer! A thin, electronic tablet to take notes, convert notes to text and email notes for meetings or to upload to other storage is conveinent! So easy to use, thin, lightweight and you save SO MUCH paper while staying organized! Use my discount code to save $40! Learn more HERE

Nutrogenomix: Genetic Testing for Personalized Results! Grab a genetic test for personalized results to better tailor your diet and habits. Learn how to eat healthy and get results! Message me to grab your test and personalized results to support your health and lifestyle today. 

Lashify: Magnetic Lashes. The quickest, easiest and most custom lashes! This accessory is so SIMPLE and FUN! I never thought I would enjoy such a “girly” thing… but it is amazing how these can boost my confidence! Customize your look and go as subtle or as BOLD as you want! Wear them every day or just once in awhile. Give them a try with my custom link and get $20 off! 

Grab my Favorite Books Here! 

The Secret Language of the Body: I love the outline of this book. It is an easy read and simple to understand. Lot’s of great information on our bodies and what it is trying to tell us. A great tool to help us to understand the somatic links. Grab it HERE. 

Metaphysical Anatomy: A fantastic resource of all those body symptoms and meanings! This book is the “Bible” of what is impacting what and provides a lot of discussion/thoughts to explore for healing. Great for therapists, trainers, body workers or even the average Joe. Grab your Copy!

You Can Heal Your Life: Louise Hay has some great resources that discuss how emotions impact us. She focuses on gratitude, vibrations and more! This book is a great foundational tool that you can grab HERE and even grab the workbook to dive deeper into the emotions and your own work! 


Grab your copy of either of these amazing Book Collaborations and read some incredible, true stories from women that are bound to live you inspired and filled with hope and inspiration! 

Let's build you that life of freedom and wellness so you can thrive!


I offer a variety of tools, techniques and short work-at-your-own-pace courses to help you balance emotional and mental health & mom life wellness.


Further, sometimes we need someone to help us on our journey. Coaching can help you with accountability and push you to the next level in your journey, whatever that might be.


Similarly, therapy services are sometimes needed when we are struggling more on the emotional side. Therapy is often more of an intensive process to help you be “unstuck” and heal more completely. 

Kind Words from Clients.

mom life health and wellness


 We all have times of less and more happy, especially these days. Do you have the tools and support you need? How do you rate?


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