Are you needing therapeutic services but are out of area?

Therapists are only allowed to provide therapeutic services to people in the state(s) they are licensed in. However, sometimes there are other options that can be considered.

I often deal with women with emotional burnout, who are feeling spiritually disconnected, struggling with faith and establishing clear boundaries in relationships and with self care. She might also be dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as relationship struggles due to a demanding schedule and exhaustion. In the whirlwind of motherhood, where days and nights blend into a relentless cycle of responsibilities, many moms find themselves on the brink of burnout. When operating on an empty tank, seeking external support isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. Support systems can be pivotal in guiding us through these rough patches. Yet, amidst therapy and coaching, many wonder which path to tread for holistic revival. Here we explore why coaching might just be the cornerstone to rebuilding your strength.

Understanding Coaching

Coaching is a transformative process where a coach empowers you to reach your full potential. Unlike therapy, which often delves into emotional healing and resolution of past traumas, coaching focuses on the present and future. It’s about setting goals and devising actionable strategies to accomplish them. For a burned out mom, coaching could mean tailoring blueprints for managing daily challenges and achieving personal growth.

Benefits of Coaching

Navigating parental and partnership dynamics while maintaining your identity is complex. Coaches provide tools to help you communicate effectively, share responsibilities, and nourish the relationships that matter to you. They enable you to cultivate spaces for dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect within your family life.

When to Seek Therapy Instead

Therapy is a treatment intervention that addresses mental health issues arising from past experiences and emotional difficulties. If your burnout stems from deeper unresolved issues like depression, anxiety, or trauma, seeing a therapist may be the appropriate step. Therapy offers a space to explore and heal these layers of complexities under professional guidance.

Coaching can be a lighthouse for many, helping to create life changes without the depths therapy ventures into. Coaching may just offer the exact support you need. It aims to build resilience, achieve personal empowerment, and find joy in the everyday. If coaching resonates with you, consider it a worthy investment in your well-being and your family’s happiness. You deserve to feel revitalized and supported as you navigate the beautiful, yet at times tumultuous, seas of motherhood.

If coaching resonates with you, schedule a time with me HERE to discuss your personal needs and see if coaching is a good fit for you and what you want to accomplish!

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