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Six Months In.. Breathe.

About 5 years ago, I had a serious crisis. One that not many people knew about. As a therapist, I know how important it is to maintain my own well-being, but I was not in a great place. 
I was powerlifting and carb cycling. My marriage was in a difficult place due to my husband’s place of searching in his faith, which challenged my faith and our relationship. My hormones were out of balance and I was dealing with a pre-teen with unbalanced hormones as well. My job was stressful and my coworkers were toxic. I started to hate my job that I once loved. We just moved and I was trying to find friendships and get to know the area better. I felt isolated and alone. 
As time went on, I struggled more and more… Eventually, having a doctor tell me I was struggling with depression and anxiety, although I could not see it at the time. She advised me to get out of my job, as it was creating a huge issue for my health. She was right. Her push was what I needed to start looking and that is where I ended up in private practice, in my dream job. 
Around this same time, my husband and I were struggling. I realize now, it was more HIS journey that he was struggling with and reactive to, but I internalized a lot of it. It changed me and challenged me. It threatened me and our relationship, or so I thought. I was not sure if we were going to make it. I tried to find a therapist, but, as a therapist I know the wait lists are long. I struggled to find anyone who could see me. It never happened. During this time, I came across a book that I purchased awhile back and had not yet picked up. It was about Oola. 
What is Oola? Its origins come from the expression “ooh-la la!” and is a “state of awesomeness.” What started out in 1997 as a small group of buddies meeting once a year at the Hard Rock in Vegas to set goals for the future has now become Oola, a nationwide phenomenon and a dynamic movement. 
While reading this book, I realized that my FAITH, my core of who I am, was absent due to the challenges around my husband’s journey. I realized that his journey is HIS and I needed to refocus my faith and return to who I am and the principles that guide me. One of those is GRATITUDE. 
During my hard times, I lost my positive thinking. I started focusing on all the bad things, hard things, things I did not like, etc. etc. etc. I made the commitment to reclaim my positive thinking and focus every day on finding gratitude. 
Between focusing on my faith and gratitude, I was able to start noticing positives in my health. I was making progress faster and easier. While I am still not where I was, or where I want to be, I am much healthier in body, mind and spirit. 
I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not picked up that book. If I had not recommitted to my faith and positive thinking. The only part of my journey that I wished was different was that I found a therapist or a life coach that had time for me. I know that would have helped me progress much faster and farther than my struggling to do it on my own. 
I am proud of where I have come. The fire always reshapes us. 
When Oola offered a life coaching option, I jumped in. As a therapist, I know that there are people who feel they “don’t need therapy”- whether they don’t feel their issues are “big” enough or “traumatic” enough or maybe they don’t feel they deserve that time or money to be spent on their well-being- but they often realize they could benefit from skills and support. As a result, life coaching made sense to me. It offers me a way to support others in a way that I needed when I was struggling. I would have given anything to have someone to talk to or guide me in my darkest moments. 
As a life coach, I love walking with people to help guide them on their journey. NOW, TODAY, 7/7, Oola is launching a new platform- a more affordable option to help reach more people and support them in reaching their goals. I am so excited about this platform and the power it has to reach more people… especially in a time where so many people are struggling. 
After a pandemic year, mental health, work/life balance, faith, relationships and more have all been pushed. Challenged. In some ways, they are changed for the better while other pieces are not. This platform is a fantastic way to support you in regaining balance in your life. Or support your employees as a part of a “health” program for work. However you decide to use it, it has potential to change your life as it did mine. 
Check out: www.judithlabert.com/page/1B7 to learn more and sign up to start your membership for a YEAR of Transformation! I am on year 4… as I have been trying to do it on my own. I cannot wait for what my upcoming year will be like, now that I have this tool for proven transformation at my fingertips… 
Do you want to learn more about the platform? Life coaching? Therapy? Message me and let’s talk- no pressure- to see what you need to change your life and live a life filled with purpose! You were created for more! <3
Check out the Oola Video HERE
Go Out and Live Your Best Life! 
Picture of Judith Labert

Judith Labert

I have over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Addictions counselor, as well as focusing on Art Therapy, PCIT/Parenting and Trauma as my specialties. I added an Integrative Mental Health Certification as well as other holistic tools to help my clients.
Now as a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness, I am able to bring all of my skill sets to the table.
Through my own journey, I have discovered my passion of helping others become their best selves through an integrative approach, using holistic tools such as various art and therapy modalities, lifestyle coaching, emotional release techniques, aromatherapy, goal setting, mindset and more!

hi! I'm Judith!

I am passionate about holistic healing, emotional health & wholeness and helping people achieve their best lives authentically!

I’m a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness.

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