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January Blues

Anyone else feeling the heaviness of this season? 
I mean, usually once Christmas has passed, it seems that things “lighten up” but this year, that is just not the case! Do you feel it? 
Here are my thoughts about this season… and the heaviness I know that I am feeling. 
1. Winter. Who else needs VITAMIN D?! 
   ~ Did you know? We need A LOT of Vitamin D. You can take 40,000 IU’s DAILY for 4 months before it *might* be too much for the average person. Other cultures often take over 100,000 IU’s but with that amount, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin K and other minerals need to be very well balanced. In our world, 30-40,000 IU’s usually is sufficient, especially in these winter months. 
If you need a good quality Vitamin D, go HERE to pick up some to help boost your mood. 
2. Lack of Movement. 
    ~It is dark. Cold. Depressing. Who wants to go take a walk? Or hit the gym? Motivation for activity is often LACKING, although it is important for our bodies AND brains…. 
3. Nutrition. 
    ~Whole foods. Really, what more can I say?! The more processed foods we eat, the more chemicals we are consuming- in a nutshell. We know about the importance of food but I think we often forget how critical our diet is in our mood! And our sleep. And Gut Health. Our Energy (see above!) A little bit of EVERYTHING!
4. The HEAVINESS in our world. 
    ~Yep. It is a real thing. And it is heavy. Regardless of what “side” you are on or issues you are facing, it seems the world is struggling and things are collapsing around us… Yeah. Your neighbor that is struggling. Your favorite business that just shut down. The politics around us. The tensions in the air. The added stresses of responsibilities from our job and/or home. The kiddos that are unruly in their own anxiety. Really. There are so many areas that there are areas of heaviness and despair in our lives. Families. Communities. World. 
My suggestion in this area is to know you are experiencing GRIEF! Know that what you are feeling is valid! Have a bit of grace for yourself and those around you. They are feeling the heaviness too. Really. Even if our lives have not been uprooted, changed, thrown for a loop in the past 2 years, most of us are still feeling the heaviness that has transpired… And it is likely to linger for a while…. It is rough. HAVE GRACE. 
5. Mental Health. 
    ~ Lately, things have been shut down. Postponed. People are scared. Uncertain. Events have limited our contact with other humans. Even family and church have changed. Jobs have changed. Our connections are VERY different. 
Now, some of us are finding outlets. Through friends, social media, other connections. BUT let me tell you, there are SO, so many who don’t have an outlet. With all the changes in our world, our connections have changed. As a mental health therapist, I can tell you the numbers of people requesting services are overwhelming. Knowing that the heaviness is out there but not being able to support so many who have a need is personally gut-wrenching for me. I know there are very real challenges and hardships out there. The struggles that people are dealing with are REAL. Seeing our friends and family suffering is REAL. The sadness and anxiety and depression is there. And might be for you, too! And I am telling you- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
With all these challenges these days, there are so many issues to consider. Please feel free to reach out to me to see how I can help you. Between Nutritional counseling, Trauma work, Mindset Shifts, and Life coaching (and more….), I have a number of tools to support you in getting through the winter blues… Feel free to schedule a chat with me! to see what I can support you with. 
If you want a group support, jump into my Facebook Group called Emotionally Drained (to Thriving!) Christian Mommas group to find a growing community of beautiful women with the same struggles…. 
A final note… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU MATTER. I know things are heavy but it is all for a time. You CAN get through this season and I am rooting for you on your journey! 
With Love, 
xoxo Judith 
Oh… and if you need a collection of inspiring stories to lift your spirits, pop over HERE to grab your copy of Absolute Will
Judith Labert

Judith Labert

I have over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Addictions counselor, as well as focusing on Art Therapy, PCIT/Parenting and Trauma as my specialties. I added an Integrative Mental Health Certification as well as other holistic tools to help my clients.
Now as a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness, I am able to bring all of my skill sets to the table.
Through my own journey, I have discovered my passion of helping others become their best selves through an integrative approach, using holistic tools such as various art and therapy modalities, lifestyle coaching, emotional release techniques, aromatherapy, goal setting, mindset and more!

hi! I'm Judith!

I am passionate about holistic healing, emotional health & wholeness and helping people achieve their best lives authentically!

I’m a Certified Life AND Certified Mental Wellness Coach, specializing in the realm of overall life balance and Mental Wellness.

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