What if you could learn the skills and tools to overcome anxiety naturally, without spending hours of your time,

so that you can finally live life again. Or maybe even for the first time. Breathe a little deeper. Feel a little calmer. 
Live a little more freely. 

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Does this sound like you?

heal anxiety naturally
imagine this...

What if I told you there was a better way to heal anxiety naturally?

Imagine experiencing reduced stress and a greater sense of calm when tough situations arise.

heal anxiety naturally

Learn what anxiety is- and what is reasonable.

heal anxiety naturally

Learn skills to manage and overcome anxiety.

sad or tired woman

Identify what may be contributing to your anxiety.


Kind words from current students.


Conquer Your Anxiety! (Naturally)

We are going to dive into what anxiety is and give you some solid, real life tools that will help you to reduce your anxiety.

heal anxiety naturally

Here's what's included:

Do you even know why you have anxiety? You will have a better understanding of what creates anxiety for you. Then, we will work on tools and techniques to help you. 


This course is designed to give you the step-by-step tools that I would provide to my clients in a therapy session. Broken it down into easy to understand lessons that are timed out to give you a few days to practice.

Therefore, you will experience reduced stress and a greater sense of calm as you learn how to use these tools in your every day life.

Private Community

FB Community to ask questions and get feedback.

Support Coaching

**Support coaching can be added on for an additional, but reduced, fee

get your sneak peek...

Here's how "Conquer Your Anxiety! (Naturally)" breaks down.

Remember, it takes time to build a habit and change something we are used to do.

Know that once you start this course, you are on the right track to experience better days ahead. 

What is anxiety?

Do you know what anxiety is and how it can affect your daily life?

What’s a reasonable expectation when it comes to anxiety?

heal anxiety naturally
heal anxiety naturally

Do you know your skills?

When you are a “5” on the scale? 
Do you KNOW what to do?

We will go over how to recognize the skills that you already have and can do (whether or not you do them yet!) so that we can see how many skills you already have and maybe did not even know it! 

Fact checking. Worry time.

So many amazing helpful skills and tools for conquering your anxiety.

We want to practice calming the brain and, the sooner we can engage the calming techniques, the better! 
heal anxiety naturally

The language of the body.

Anxiety is more than just worrying about something. It’s a condition that can cause physical and mental symptoms that can dramatically interfere with daily life. (Which you know… and is why you are here!)

How nutrition plays into anxiety.

 Anxiety is often thought of as a mental health issue, but it can also have physical consequences, as we just talked about. One of the most common area of impact is anxiety’s impact on nutrition. 

heal anxiety naturally
and so much more!

Kind words from current students.

there's more...

Let's talk about the bonuses with Conquering your Anxiety

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Email support M-F 9-5 PST for questions on modules and implementation.

heal anxiety naturally

To make it even easier on your to get that amazing result you’ve been wanting.


To make it even easier on your to get that amazing result you’ve been wanting.

Don’t delay healing your anxiety naturally, any longer!

Perfect Fit Guarantee

All sales are final but the program can be adjusted providing certain terms are met to guarantee success in the courses purchased.

And just so we're clear...
(Because I don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Oh, hey there!

I'm Judith Labert

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I am passionate about holistic healing, emotional health & wholeness, mom life health and wellness  and helping people achieve their best lives authentically!

*Mom-life Self Care 
frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

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Yes, you can. However, taking a course created by a licensed therapist who has over a decade experience in working with anxiety can give you the same skills and knowledge, but in 90 days! What is taught here is far more comprehensive than 90 days in therapy. 

You can see results quickly! But it will depend on your understanding of the modules and implementation. It can also be helpful to have people help you whenever possible which will help you accelerate your results.

At any time, you can add on coaching. However, I offer a reducing pricing with this course if added within the first 30 days of the program. 

Modules that give you access to the education and skills you need to help you succeed. You will have email support M-F 9-5 p.m. PST for questions about the courses and technical issues. You will also be added into a FB community where you are able to ask questions and get additional support. You can add on coaching for additional support for a reduced fee during the first 30 days after purchasing the modules. 

That is completely up to you! Some people need extra support and can benefit from the accountability and support from a coach. If you already have your own support system, you might do just fine without. 

With the coaching option, you receive 6 hour long sessions that can be used up to 90 days after purchase and can be utilized throughout your course or after to support your process and success. 

it's your turn. to...

Conquer Your Anxiety! (Naturally)

Are you ready to move out from under the weight that you have been carrying and cannot seem to shake?

Course Modules


Get instant access to the entire  30+ modules.

This price is equal to only about  8 sessions with a therapist in person, but the course content covered that would usually take over a year to deliver in therapy!

Course & Coaching


Get instant access to the program & Add on bi-weekly coaching (6 sessions) to support the process. You can use these any time within 3 months of the program to help you problem-solve and dive deeper into the coursework for enhanced success!

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