7 Ways to Build in Self Care

I love this time of year… I love the blooms that start to pop out and the warmer weather…. I am all about tank tops and Chacos. And Self Care. 🙂 

As a therapist, I often get this question: How do I better take care of myself in the busy? 

Do you feel this??? 

As a busy mom and business owner, I used to pay attention to everyone else BUT me. I mean, kids need my attention. My husband has no idea where to find that tool. Then the cat needs fed. And before I know it, the day is over. My time is gone. 

So, when do I fit in time for self care?! 

Well, I have learned that little things I can add into what I am already doing is key! Here are my top tips to add into your routine with the time you have! 

1. Sleep. Yeah… I know. Let’s start out with this one. It is probably the most tricky but also one of the most important. We truly need 7-9 hours. We might be able to survive on 4, but really. Let’s function better and we can be healthier and have more fun when we sleep better. Prioritizing sleep is super important to manage mood, our immune system and so much more. Problem solving ways to sleep better goes a long way. Problem solve ways to sleep! Are you waking up a lot? Maybe it is diet or stress keeping you up. Are you struggling to get to bed? What can you adjust to make sleep happen sooner? Small tweaks can be powerful! 

2. Water. This is as important as Sleep! Water helps our sleep, our organs function better, our digestion, our skin… We have more energy! The average person only drinks 8 ounces a day, while 64 ounces is the average recommendation! Really! Only 8 OUNCES!? Our morning cups of coffee are often 12 or 16…. So increasing you water intake will take you far! 

3. Diet. Working on more vegetables and fruits. And of course, I eat better when I sleep better so… Being an example to our families is also important so it is a great way to learn and teach as well. Small changes go far! 

4. Movement. Walks. Body weight movements. Stretching. Anything you can do, do it! It helps our bodies flush toxins out, keeps the lymph moving and helps our bones and muscles. This area is another one that might feel overwhelming but just getting up to shift your body, taking small walks, incorporating your kids or husband are all easy ways to add in more movement. Even dancing in the kitchen is better than nothing! Make it fun and pull in those around you! 

5. Taking breaks throughout your day. If you are taking breaks to grab water or add in some movement, that is EASY, right?! Well maybe! Even that quick Facebook scroll can be a positive to our brains when we are busy. Set a timer and allow 5-15 minutes each hour to disengage and do something! 

6. Meditation, prayer, mindfulness. Whether you are in the shower, lying in bed or taking that walk. 

7. Breathing. I take time to breathe anytime I am in the shower, driving in the car, lying in bed, getting ready to sleep. Working on taking deep breathes to nourish my body and brain. Breathing is important to calm emotions as well. And, of course, I always notices bodily tension that needs attention when I am taking time to breath! 

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