A published author, homeschooling mom, wife, and licensed professional counselor, Judith has been through a lot in her life. She's learned a lot too, and is passionate about sharing what she knows with others in the hopes of helping them to heal and find their own happiness. Judith is passionate about Holistic Healing, Emotional Health, Spiritual Growth and the journey to Wholeness. loves anything natural, non-toxic, and holistic; she is an educator and health advocate who firmly believes that we should all strive to live our best lives possible. Judith focuses on When she's not writing or coaching, you can find her enjoying her family, at the gym or at the beach with her toes in the sand and a smile on her face.


Judith helps others to:

*Find the Mom-Life/Self Care Balance 
*Build Faith 
*Shape a Positive Mindset 
*Learn about Non-toxic Living
*Build tools to overcome anxiety
*Build an AUTHENTIC, thriving Life! 

You are in 
the right place!
Judith helps moms find their inner confidence, build faith with healthy living habits and positive mindset. As a mental health therapist and mental wellness coach for life's challenges it is her mission is to empower you so that your journey towards authenticity leads not only toward thriving but also happiness because when we live authentically there can be nothing else besides joyousness.


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Life gets better when health becomes your first priority. 

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What Is Mental Wellness?
Mental Wellness is "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life
can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community."

Being mentally well means that your mind is in order and functioning in your best interest. You are able to think, feel and act in ways that create a positive impact on your physical and social well-being.

Mental Wellness encompasses the following areas: 
*Mental Fitness 
*Physical Performance 
*Stress Resilience
*Financial Wellness 

The Importance of Mental Wellness:

Mentally well people are positive, self-assured and happy. They are in control of their thoughts, emotions and behavior. This enables them to handle challenges, build strong relationships and enjoy life.

Achieving good mental health will enable you to:

  • Realize your own abilities,
  • Cope with the stress and challenges of life,
  • Engage in productive work,
  • Contribute to your community.

Sustaining mental health requires time and effort. The more you invest in your mental health, the stronger it will become.

Working Towards Mental Wellness

There are many ways you can enhance your mood, build resilience, and get more enjoyment out of life.

  • Learn to be at peace with yourself
    • Get to know who you are and what makes you happy
    • Acknowledge what you can and cannot change about yourself
    • Identify your abilities and weaknesses, accept them, build on them, and do the best with what you have
  • Pay attention to your own needs and feelings
    • Express your thoughts through a journal or blog to understand more about yourself
  • Work towards your objectives
    • Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-limited)
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • Take balanced meals
    • Exercising regularly
    • Limit alcohol consumption
    • Avoid cigarettes and other harmful substances
  • Build strong relationships
    • Make time for family and friends, and share life’s joys and sorrows with them
  • Create a financial budget
    • Avoid overspending and focus on ‘needs’ instead of ‘wants’
  • Volunteer for a cause
    • Being involved in the community gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction
I can help you achieve the Mental Wellness you need to enhance your well-being! Contact me today!