Targeted Nutrition
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Focusing on GUT HEALTH and Products that will support and heal your system is KEY to healing and making sure your health is on point. Even when you take great products, you need to be sure your body is ABSORBING the nutrients and putting them to use!

I only use high quality products of integrity that I stand behind. While these products are backed by Science and Tested for purity, I have implemented these into my own health regime with great success. I highly recommend your own HEALTH CONSULTATION to determine what basic steps you need to enhance your wellness. OR Please contact me for specific recommendations through Amare FullScript and Young Living to order.

Your Health Matters! 
Did you know? Your nutrition and health impact 
your emotional state! And emotions impact your 
physical state...
How are you caring for you? 
Targeted Nutrition
Integrating Holistic Tools for Optimal Functioning
What we put into our bodies is soooooo important! The food we eat, as well as don't eat, makes a huge impact on our health. What we surround ourselves with is equally important- the cleaning supplies and products we surround ourselves with make an impact- either positively or negatively- on our overall health. I am passionate about teaching others about the cause and effect of the chemicals as well as nutritional components to better our mental, emotional and physical health!
I love to provide teaching and tools as well as specific information using my product partners to help others live the life they were meant to live! Between individual consults and health scans, I can provide suggested tips, tools and lifestyle tools such as nutritional recommendations to enhance your body's wellness! I offer an array of tools as a licensed professional counselor and certified integrative mental health clinician and life coach to offer a variety of solutions and packages to best support your needs.  

How do mental health and nutritional habits impact one another? How does your sleep impact your quality of life? What holistic tools will help you create balance and restore health to your body-soul-mind? I can help design a plan for you to help you regain the life you deserve. 
You were designed for greatness and a purpose!
Are you looking to lose weight? Or change your habits? Are you struggling with nutrition? Exercise? Lifestyle changes? There are so many factors to consider in supporting our physical health. We are always bombarded with conflicting information and it is hard to know what to apply directly to our unique bodies. Through Nutrigenomix and Health coaching, Judith can help! 

Judith is a Certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, a Certified Mental Wellness Coach and a Certified Oola Life Coach. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. 
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Evidence shows that one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations are inefficient and often ineffective.
Research in nutrigenomics can now explain why the same foods affect different people in different ways. I offer comprehensive tests for Health & Wellness, Athletic Performance and Fertility.Our kits test how genes impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, performance, fertility, food intolerances, and eating habits.

  • DNA collection kits
  • DNA isolation 
  • Genetic analysis at CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs 
  • Customized reports based on the latest scientific evidence
As your health coach, you will be counseled on eating more – or less—of certain foods based on your DNA, to:
  • Decrease your risk of developing chronic diseases
  • Optimize your health, performance and fertility

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