Targeted Nutrition
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Targeted Nutrition
Integrating Holistic Tools for Optimal Functioning.
What we put into our bodies is soooooo important! The food we eat, as well as don't eat, makes a huge impact on our health. What we surround ourselves with is equally important- the cleaning supplies and products we surround ourselves with make an impact- either positively or negatively- on our overall health. I am passionate about teaching others about the cause and effect of the chemicals as well as nutritional components to better our mental, emotional and physical health!
I love to provide teaching and tools as well as specific information using my product partners to help others live the life they were meant to live! Between individual consults and health scans, I can provide suggested tips, tools and lifestyle tools such as nutritional recommendations to enhance your body's wellness! I offer an array of tools as a licensed professional counselor and certified integrative mental health clinician and life coach to offer a variety of solutions and packages to best support your needs.  

Learn how the Keto/Mediterranean Diet is the most optimal and how other natural products can help your health goals! On-going and specialty classes being offered regularly. Contact me for more info!


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