Absolute Will Book
Find inspiration with the amazing stories in this 
Get your very own Book  HERE! This amazing joint collaboration with 20 other amazing women, 7 countries, sharing their personal, vulnerable TRUE STORIES of drawing all their determination and willpower to get through physical injuries, emotional trauma, mental health crises, and chronic disease. 

This is also a fundraiser: All profits (after expenses) for the co-author collaborator entrance fees collected will be put towards building a HOUSE for a family on Big Corn Island in Nicaragua!

Order the E-Book or
Click HERE to Purchase the Paperback!

Solex AO Scan Health Scanner
Support Your Health with this EASY Comprehensive Device!
Get your very own health scanner HERE! Keep tabs on what is going on with your health and the health of your family, friends and EVEN pets! How incredible to have this information and frequency options to support your #bestself in a hand-held device! This device is comprised of amazing technology that works with your body's frequencies and energies to detect imbalances and scan for supplements you need at that moment. Looking at voice input, you have additional information on emotional health and ways to balance your tones! 


Athleisure Wear
Savvi: Quality Clothing for Everyday... 
Whether you are a fitness guru or business professional, there is something for you! Earn income as a Savvi Ambassador or just buy quality clothes for you!
Learn About Joining the Savvi Team HERE!

The Remarkable Tablet
A digital notebook as close to paper as it gets!
My FAVORITE  tool for productivity! 

A thin, electronic tablet to take notes, convert notes to text and email notes for meetings or for reference! So easy to use, thin and lightweight- Better than paper!! 

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Lashify: Magnetic Lashes
The Quickest, Easiest and Most Custom Lashes!
Meet my Favorite accessory! So simple and FUN! (I never thought I would enjoy such a "girly" thing!) And it is amazing how it helps boost my confidence in whatever I do. Customize your look and go as subtle or as bold as you want to! Wear them every day or just once in awhile. Give them a try using my custom link and get $20 off your purchase by using this link: HERE 
You can thank me later! 

iTovi Scanner
Get your Custom Reading! 
iTOVi pairs over 100 years of scientific research and technology with modern day algorithms to find which essential oils and supplements you match with best. The easy-to-use, free iTOVi app creates personalized reports so you can record, track, and be a source of knowledge on your path to wellness.

• Unlimited personal scans!
• Unlimited Client scans!
• Mobile App so you can access the service on the go!
• Monthly service or Lifetime plans to fit your budget!
• No Contract
• Warranty iTOVi Scanner includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
Oola Brand
The Best Clothing and Accessories!
Whether you are looking for a great planner to help you create goals and keep you on track, comfy clothing, tea for boosting your mood or event tickets for life changing opportunities, look no further! 

Oola is about living your best life and being in balance. If you are looking for life coaching to give you a more detailed plan and accountability for success, click below!

Mary Ruth Organics
Quality Supplements shipped 
straight to your home... 
Lots of great options to help support your health! 
Order your supplements for you family and build your immune system HERE!
Kinsley Armelle
Style With  A Purpose
Kinsley Armelle has designed a collection of bracelets with a purpose. We want to assist in raising awareness and support for causes that need it most. Our Awareness Collection features ten colorful bracelets, each made with opal stones, faceted glass beads, and adorned with an awareness ribbon and classic KA tag.

Get Strong... 
Not Just Strong for A Girl.... 
We want you to never give up and stay strong physically and mentally. Our clothing is a symbol of standing back up, fighting against any resistance life throws at you and becoming stronger! This is the idea of where this company was born- to motivate strong women to overcome their adversaries and embrace their strength, no matter the source. Use code: JUDLAB10 for 10% off your order here! 

Eating Healthy Made Simple!
Personalized Food Recommendations Here 

Grab a genetic test for personalized results to better tailor your diet and habits! Learn how to eat healthy and get results! Use the link to get your personalized plan and support to start your healthy eating today!

The LAST Business Card you will own! 
A simple and easy way to design your own custom "business cards" for both personal and business! No more running out of  "Let's Be Friends" Cards or needing to reorder business cards when your information changes- just pop on the website to update your information! AND GO SHARE!

(The other person does not need a POPL- it opens a webpage and will save their contacts in your account while sharing yours! Easy Peasy!) Check out your options by clicking Learn More! And don't forget to use the coupon code JUDITHLABERT to save 20% on your order! Let's get Poppin'

Get Oiling Website
Get your own custom site!!
Do you want a custom page like mine? One that you can customize and make your own? Or use pre-made templates? Give it a try for a hefty discount here: https://getoiling.com/sign-up/ArtsAndAromas

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