What is Mental Wellness? 
Mental Wellness. It's a phrase you may have been hearing about lately, but what does it really mean? Mental wellness encompasses all the things that go into making sure your mental health is in check as much as your physical health. It involves looking at our nutrition and eating, exercise and movement, habits, mental health practices, the way we think and communicate, our finances, family and relationships and career. It is a place where we Thrive! because we are living our best life... We are living our purpose and in our element. 
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Life Coaching

Sometimes we need someone to help us on our journey. A life coach can walk along you to help you with accountability and push you to the next level in your journey, whatever that might be. It is often helpful to have a different perspective when we are making changes in our thinking and lifestyle to bring us into that new place of wellness!

Financial Wellness

Are you one of the majority in dealing with your finances? The majority of people don't even have $1000 in their savings account for emergencies. (Not like $1000 gets you very far in a true emergency, am I right?!) So many of us struggle with the concept of money and how to do better with our finances. It is a tricky topic for many, but also one that impacts marriages! There's hope...

Therapy Services

Therapy services are sometimes needed when we are struggling more on the emotional side. We might feel that we are being held "hostage" by an emotion or reliving a situation. We might have deep questions or concerns about our functioning. We might need to learn how to function again or learn skills to help us live our day to day lives. Therapy is often more of an intensive process to help you be "unstuck" and heal more completely.

AO Scan Technology

Using the AO Scan technology, we can look at frequency imbalances in the body as well as emotional frequencies to target ailments and create better health. These reports can provide a wealth of information to help you better target your physical and emotional well-being and can be a useful tool to bring to your doctor, chiropractor or other specialists to support any current care you may be receiving, furthering your overall wellness.

Aroma Freedom Technique

Ever had a limiting belief? Struggled with setting goals? Or feeling stuck but struggling to move forward? Using the power of smell and language we can change thought patterns and even reduce intensity of emotions to help you move forward.

Emotion/Body Code

When we don't process an emotion, it will often end up "stuck" in our bodies. Stuck emotions can cause dis-ease and discomfort, limiting us in our thinking and action and holding us back from being our best selves! These emotions can sometimes be generational as well as our own, influenced by events or beliefs.

Body By Design 
A 7-Week Oola Program
Imagine feeling lean, strong, self-confident and healthy without ever dieting again! This 7-week positive weight management course led by Coach Krystal Nielson is a fully customized step-by-step macro based program to get you fast and lasting fitness results.

Customized Health Coaching
Improve relationships, transition into new careers, meet fitness and wellness goals, and improve financial well-being. By having a Wellness coach, you can achieve health-related goals and make changes in your life by getting guidance and accountability. With a customized plan, your coach will help you set and reach those goals!

Let's build you that life of freedom and success so you can thrive! #liveyourbestlife

As a Certified Oola Coach and Mental Wellness Coach, I work with clients to help you:

  • Work towards a life of balance
  • Set goals and work on accomplishing them
  • Find your Blockers and Accelerators 
  • Grow in 7 key areas of life
I help my clients develop skills and provide them tools to accelerate growth. I've helped hundreds of clients in their personal growth and to achieve the life that they desire.
Start creating your desired life today!

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