I am a mother, wife, therapist and love traveling and the beach. I aspire to live every day with more PURPOSE and GRATITUDE. 

My goal as a leader, mentor, therapist and coach is to help other heal, take accountability and become self-motivated to take charge of living their BEST life! 

We all want to wake up excited and go to sleep knowing we are living a fulfilled life, handling whatever challenges come our way with grace and ease... With motivation and desire to take action, and powerful coaching, you can have this life you desire.... 
Are You Ready 
to Make a Change?
It is time to #liveyourbestlife! You were created for MORE!
You were created for a life of GREATNESS and PURPOSE
I help individuals create a life of balance, growth & purpose!  


I have not always been like this. I was failing to find my true self. My creative side was lacking. My energy was low and my attitude was depressed. My marriage was under tension. Hormones were impacting my mood and relationships. I was struggling with self care and living my life to the fullest, despite “knowing” all the things I needed to do. After all, I am a therapist so I teach others how to live a better life... Yet, I was struggling in my own life. 

And then I found a new way to live. I found a way to achieve balance and change my life for the better. Things just started to “fall” into place. My life became totally different. I began to enjoy life and relationships, take care of myself better and felt more energized. I healed my body from Chronic Fatigue and started losing stubborn weight that seemed to stick for years. My business began thriving. And, more importantly, I was able to heal from previously crippling emotions that impacted my body and well-being. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually FREE.



Part of my journey was finding my business coach, Martha Krejci who has been instrumental in helping me find myself again and tap into my skills and talents. To sign up for the Home Based Revolution, HBR, program to transform your business and self development, go HERE. There are amazing tools and freebies on YouTube and Martha's FREE Facebook Group Heart Centered + Crushing Business HERE. When you are ready to take the plunge, I promise you will love it! Save some money by using my LINK to  start with some great savings! I want you to enjoy living your live with the intention and purpose you were designed to live!