COACHING (and more)

My name is Judith.
 I am the founder of The Biblically Balanced Woman and I love to help people just like you through challenging life and health situations. 
I am a coach, leader, and entrepreneur that can help you transform your life.

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What I can help you with: I help exhausted Christian moms who are struggling with anxiety and finding balance in their life and desire to thrive and find joy in their family (without medications!).
"Amazing knowledge, excellence experience, very personable. Highly recommend."

-Sara H. 
"I didn't know anything about boundaries and how that lack of knowledge was negatively impacting my life, until I started working with Judith." 

-Kalie W.
My Mission
I was where you are. Struggling with life. Mom responsibilities. Being tired. Overworked. Struggling to find time for myself. My marriage was suffering. My relationships with my children were poor. I hated my job and struggled every day to get out of bed. I did not want to admit I might have some anxiety and depression. But here I was. 

It took a fight with my husband that brought me to a reality check. I dove into resources that I already had but did not really utilize and certain things started to click. I implemented the tools and dove into learning and researching more to help me with my healing and move me into a healthier space. It was not long before my relationships and health began to change for the better. 

My only complaint during this time was that I was alone, trying to navigate these tools and life struggles on my own. I really desired to have someone walk with me to support me, encourage me and provide guidance along the way. I could not find anyone to be the cheerleader I needed. But, I did it... While I am still on my journey to health and healing, I am so much farther along from my starting point. However, I always wonder how much further along I could have been had I had a coach or support person in my life. I have deep sadness around the family times and events I have missed because of where I was at and wished I had overcome those dark days earlier. 

This sadness of what I have missed out on sparked my desire to be a coach, knowing that many people have some of the tools they need to do better, but they need the accountability and support to move farther... faster! 

Coaching vs. Therapy
As a therapist, I work with clients who have a diagnosed mental health issue. As a coach, I work with clients who need skills, support and guidance to achieve an outcome. For me, even though I had some anxiety and depression, I had the tools and skills that are typically taught in therapy to navigate through those pieces, but I did not have the person to help hold me accountable. I did not need a therapist. I needed a coach who would have acceleratored my journey...

A Proven Framework 
Helping you create and achieve goals, building the skills you need and offering the support and perspective to create changes with a proven framework and experience will guarantee your success- if you are ready to put in the work! Did you know? Only 8% of the population achieve their goals? But with this system, over 80% of people achieve their goals... Sounds like success is waiting for you! 
 What are you waiting for? 
Success is just around the corner...

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