Aroma Freedom Technique
Aroma Freedom Technique
What is Aroma Freedom? 
Aroma Freedom is a safe, easy and effective way to gently dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that hold us back from achieving our dreams. By using pure essential oils and proven psychological principles, it uses the principle of Memory Re-consolidation, which has been studied by modern Neuroscience. 

Aroma Freedom is a wonderful tool for goal setting, stress reduction, relief from painful memories and overall mental and emotional balance.

What Can AFT Help With?
*Limiting Beliefs 
*Anxiety & Depression
*Traumatic Memories
*Memories of Abuse
*Negative Self-Talk
*Bad Habits
*Relational Changes
*False Labels & Fixed Mindsets
*Emotional Triggers
*Oppressive, Religious Patterns

Our sense of smell connects directly to the limbic system (where flight, fright or freeze activates). The limbic system triggers our survival response in our memory center.

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Emotions, Oils & Education
 Oils and the Benefits of Aromatherapy
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