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What is "Energy Work?"

Energy work is the intentional effort to manipulate your or someone else’s energy for spiritual, emotional or physical healing. 

I often describe it as intercessory prayer, in which I step in and pray over you and on your behalf, asking our Creator to help me identify and release the energy that is negatively impacting my client. The negative energies can be their own, someone else’s or inherited. Think of stuck energy like a faulty light switch- when you hit the switch, you expect the light to turn on but it doesn’t. The light flickers or glitches. If it is a big problem, it might become a major electrical issue, creating additional shorts and glitches in the electrical circuits. Our bodies are similar in that we want to make sure the energy is not impacting other circuits negatively. 

Emotion Code

Identifies the emotional root that is keeping you "stuck" to help you move forward.

Body Code

Focuses on physical ailments, whether emotionally linked or not, to get to the root of the problem.

Why Choose Energy Work?

Stress Reduction

Energy work helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By clearing energy blockages, these practices can create a sense of calm and well-being.

Physical Healing

When energy blocks are removed, energy work can stimulate the body's natural healing processes and accelerate healing. It may alleviate pain, boost immunity and improve overall health.

Emotional Balance

Energy work can address emotional imbalances, trauma, and negative emotions. It aims to restore harmony in the body-mind system, promoting emotional resilience and inner peace.

Spiritual Growth

Energy work fosters self awareness, intuition, and connection to a higher consciousness, exploring the inner self and expanding a spiritual understanding.

Betty Rash • Graduate 06/20

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