Jumping on the ROCKET to a better life....

About 5 years ago, I had a serious crisis. One that not many people knew about. As a therapist, I know how important it is to maintain my own well-being, but I was not in a great place. 

I was powerlifting and carb cycling. My marriage was in a difficult place due to my husband's place of searching in his faith, which challenged my faith and our relationship. My hormones were out of balance and I was dealing with a pre-teen with unbalanced hormones as well. My job was stressful and my coworkers were toxic. I started to hate my job that I once loved. We just moved and I was trying to find friendships and get to know the area better. I felt isolated and alone. 

As time went on, I struggled more and more... Eventually, having a doctor tell me I was struggling with depression and anxiety, although I could not see it at the time. She advised me to get out of my job, as it was creating a huge issue for my health. She was right. Her push was what I needed to start looking and that is where I ended up in private practice, in my dream job. 

Around this same time, my husband and I were struggling. I realize now, it was more HIS journey that he was struggling with and reactive to, but I internalized a lot of it. It changed me and challenged me. It threatened me and our relationship, or so I thought. I was not sure if we were going to make it. I tried to find a therapist, but, as a therapist I know the wait lists are long. I struggled to find anyone who could see me. It never happened. During this time, I came across a book that I purchased awhile back and had not yet picked up. It was about Oola.

What is Oola? Its origins come from the expression “ooh-la la!” and is a “state of awesomeness.” What started out in 1997 as a small group of buddies meeting once a year at the Hard Rock in Vegas to set goals for the future has now become Oola, a nationwide phenomenon and a dynamic movement. 

While reading this book, I realized that my FAITH, my core of who I am, was absent due to the challenges around my husband's journey. I realized that his journey is HIS and I needed to refocus my faith and return to who I am and the principles that guide me. One of those is GRATITUDE. 

During my hard times, I lost my positive thinking. I started focusing on all the bad things, hard things, things I did not like, etc. etc. etc. I made the commitment to reclaim my positive thinking and focus every day on finding gratitude. 

Between focusing on my faith and gratitude, I was able to start noticing positives in my health. I was making progress faster and easier. While I am still not where I was, or where I want to be, I am much healthier in body, mind and spirit. 

I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not picked up that book. If I had not recommitted to my faith and positive thinking. The only part of my journey that I wished was different was that I found a therapist or a life coach that had time for me. I know that would have helped me progress much faster and farther than my struggling to do it on my own. 

I am proud of where I have come. The fire always reshapes us. 

When Oola offered a life coaching option, I jumped in. As a therapist, I know that there are people who feel they "don't need therapy"- whether they don't feel their issues are "big" enough or "traumatic" enough or maybe they don't feel they deserve that time or money to be spent on their well-being- but they often realize they could benefit from skills and support. As a result, life coaching made sense to me. It offers me a way to support others in a way that I needed when I was struggling. I would have given anything to have someone to talk to or guide me in my darkest moments. 

As a life coach, I love walking with people to help guide them on their journey. NOW, TODAY, 7/7, Oola is launching a new platform- a more affordable option to help reach more people and support them in reaching their goals. I am so excited about this platform and the power it has to reach more people... especially in a time where so many people are struggling. 

After a pandemic year, mental health, work/life balance, faith, relationships and more have all been pushed. Challenged. In some ways, they are changed for the better while other pieces are not. This platform is a fantastic way to support you in regaining balance in your life. Or support your employees as a part of a "health" program for work. However you decide to use it, it has potential to change your life as it did mine. 

Check out: www.judithlabert.com/page/1B7 to learn more and sign up to start your membership for a YEAR of Transformation! I am on year 4... as I have been trying to do it on my own. I cannot wait for what my upcoming year will be like, now that I have this tool for proven transformation at my fingertips... 

Do you want to learn more about the platform? Life coaching? Therapy? Message me and let's talk- no pressure- to see what you need to change your life and live a life filled with purpose! You were created for more! <3


Check out the Oola Video HERE

Go Out and Live Your Best Life!