Spring Break Goals

This week. 

Spring Break. 

The last week of March is always Spring Break in Oregon. 

It is a WONDERFUL break for me... as a mom. Not just for the kids. ;) It is nice to have a low key schedule, with little to no agenda and the ability to just REST. My goal is all about SLEEP and rest as I am working SO hard to build my health. My body and my health depends on it. 

Seriously. My HEALTH depends on Sleep. 

I think we often forget how simple things, like water and sleep, are so very important in our lives. They matter so much for our health and well-being. Those little things we take for granted and often don't think about the significance in our longevity. 

As I get older, I am the typical person who NOW sees how health matters. As my health and weight and sleep are impacted and all in question, although improving, I am working hard on understanding the link between those pieces as well as my emotions. That has been my PASSION these days, as I understand now how the emotions impact the body. How they are stored in the body. 

Emotions have frequency. Emotions can help raise, or lower, our frequency in our body. Raising, or lowering, our frequency impacts our health. Water, nutrition, sleep, emotions are ALL pieces that impact our health in part through frequency. 

It has been a fascinating journey to learn about frequency and emotions and how they relate to the body. How Positive Mindset increases frequency and changes our health. 

I am excited to begin sorting the pieces around my journey to be able to share more with my followers! It is the reason that I became an Aroma Freedom Technique and Emotion Code practitioner and why I am continuing by working on Body Code Certification. I see the value of the frequency in the body. The mindset and how beliefs, both positive and negative, impact us as a whole. Body, mind and soul. 

Now, as I continue my Spring Break, I am going to continue my REST. My restorative time for ME. My health and healing journey has had me learning so much about myself and my health and my emotional baggage. You know, all the emotional components that have impacted my health and body. 

Oh, and I JUST received my grounding mats (Yes, PLURAL!) today! I have heard such great things about them- like reducing EMF/WIFI, Gaining quality sleep, reducing stress, reducing inflammation, seeing more energy, improved circulation, detoxification, muscle tension reduction and MORE! If only HALF of these apply to me, I will still be in a far better state! I mean, I think I might be able to conquer the world with more sleep AND more energy! #momlife 

Have you heard of EARTHING/GROUNDING? Have YOU tried it? I would love to hear your results!! 

Quarentine Day 4,327

Ok. It has been not QUITE that long but some days it feels like it! 

I am mostly an introvert, so I honestly don't mind staying at home and having this time to be restful. As restful as it can be in the midst of a stressful situation, working from home, schooling and not a lot of self care or mom breaks for my sanity. The pace of life is less hectic but no less busy. 

I saw a great perspective the other day in the midst of some mindless facebook scrolling. (Anyone else??) The post talked about how there are basically three groups of people. This is a time of rest and slowing down that is welcomed and overall not stressful for group 1. Life has not changed a lot and the pieces that have changed are not super significant in the stress piece. Group 2 is stressed and busy and there is stress around finances, the unknown, the busy may have increased, or maybe it is just exhausting being around the house all the time. It is moderate but still stressful. Then we have group 3. Group 3 is under HUGE stress. They are likely the ones on the brink of homelessness or serious financial stress. Not being able to pay for food for their children. Emotional and physical stress, work stress and worries abound. Schooling the kids who are in this group is nearly non existent. 

While I believe there are many levels and degrees of stresses, I completely see the basic three in those around me, from people I know personally and the clients I serve. The anxiety and stresses and the overwhelm of change and unknown circumstances. The fear that the media, or other people, tend to grow in us is not helpful. It is a time more than ever to PUSH into God and BELIEVE. I believe this is all in His Hand and He is using all the circumstances to allow us to dive into searching for the truth. 

The truth of God and who He is. The truth of the world around us and how things operate. Asking big questions that deserve an answer about our communities and country and leaders. Trusting in the gifts that God has given us, in Biblical leaders as well as in His tools. (plant based natural remedies, anyone???). It is a HUGE opportunity for all of us, regardless of what Group we may be in to look at the pieces in our lives that are going well, that are a welcomed change as well as the pieces that are not favorable. What do you wish to change in your life?? Is this an ongoing change or a temporary one, maybe only for sanity in this challenging time? How are you taking control of your health- mentally, emotionally, physically? How are you implementing self care?? SELF CARE is critical, especially in times of stress!! Do you have the tools you need or are you lacking? 

I tend to look at 4 quadrants of health: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. What are your goals and hopes for these areas in your life?? 

I am learning how to rely on my oils for emotional support- they have been a God-send in the emotions I have experienced with the loss of my mother. I sometimes forget my oils and I notice it!! Not to mention ALLLLL the supplements that help emotions as well as support me physically. (Ask me if you want to know more about what I use and why.)

As a professional and a health care fanatic, please let me know if I can help you. Provide you tools or support. Need a virtual session or support group? An AFT session? Just to chat? Reach out and know that you are not alone! Stay strong, stay sane and stay healthy!