Some of my Favorite Things....

Some of my Favorite Things....
So, unless you are living under a rock, we are all aware of the virus and health concerns that not only our country but EVERYWHERE is taking notice of! As with everything, immune support and building health are KEY to keeping ourselves well and fighting things off better when we do find a little pesky germ or virus finding their way into our bodies. 

I use MOSTLY all Young Living products- items to strengthen and build my immune system, like the Probiotics and ImmuPro! I have a list of what I use and WHY that I will update to this post as well as I am including some other products that my family also uses to help boost immune function and overall health, no matter what is going on in life or the season... While Young Living has a large supply of many products, have a few of these extras on hand as well is only a benefit to you and your health! That IS what this is all about, right??? Healthy living and building health and knowledge so we can do better and, ultimately, live life better! Who doesn't want that??? :) 

Vitamin C that is easy to take and great tasting for the kiddos! (and adults!) Help keep the immune system health with a regular dose of Vitamin C and add more to combat the germs when they do strike! Strike back with ease! 

The Vitamin C powder that is tangy and can be added to anything! This pure form is a great way to add Vitamin C to your daily drinks, etc. to boost immune health. It is a bit sour- Don't take too much or you will pucker up! 

Vitamin D. This vitamin is one that we can generally ALLLLL  use more of! Especially in the winter months, even if the sun is shining! (Unless you live near the equator!) 

When you start to experience symptoms, grab this unspeakable gem from your cupboard to help fight symptoms and feel relief faster! (You try and pronounce it- Oscillococcinum!!!) This naturopathic product helps fight flu-like symptoms like body aches, headache, fatigue fever and chills naturally, working WITH your body. 

A little Calm Magneisum is helpful to calm our nerves and body to help us sleep! Another big one that most of us need to increase! Pick your flavor and notice the deep sleep! 

When you are creating ALLLLLL the blends for emotional support, immune support, relaxation for sleep or anxiety or WHATEVER your need is, these pretty roller balls help you easily take your creation with you for easy application! 

Use these great sleeves for easy carrying on backpacks, purses and travel bags for quick and easy applications! 

Get these glass spray bottles for your thieves cleaners! Makes mixing up quick and easy! 

I will be adding more products as I find which ones are cost effective, WORK and ones I personally love! Check back for updates and, as always, message me for questions! I am always happy to help! 

Be well! <3

Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano Oil Benefits
Oregano Oil. 

I bet you have heard of it. It is probably one of the most powerful antibiotics known to science. And the best thing is, it is all natural! This powerful herb has incredible healing properties and is high in antioxidants that we need to protect against free radicals. 

Carvacrol is the main compound in this oil, which has been found to be a powerful antibacterial against multiple strains of bacteria and prevents bacteria from multiplying. Carvacrol is amazing in that it ONLY kills harmful bacteria while preserving beneficial probiotic bacteria. Whaaaa?? There are a number of studies that have been referenced in PubMed, which is a large database for scientific evidenced-based literature. Check out this reputable site for over 800 studies in which carvacol has been referenced. 

So what does this really mean? Does it matter? Well, yes! This is important as conventional antibiotics detroy a lot of bacteria, including beneficial bacteria which are required for digestion and impact our mood. On the mental health side, gut health and digestion specifically impact anxiety, depression, autism, bipolar and more. 

In addition to supporting mental health, oregano essential oil is effective in treating a variety of health issues including lung issues (pneumonia, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis), ear infections, flu/colds, candida overgrowth, tuberculosis, arthritis, animal bites, giardia, rashes, diarrhea, and sore throat, just to name a few.

Oregano essential oil:
  • Can destroy organisms that contribute to the development of skin infections and problems with bladder, digestion, urinary, and food poisoning.
  • Simulates the immune system.
  • Increases the connection and flexibility of muscles.
  • Improves respiratory health. In cases of pulmonary disease or shortness of breath, puffs of oil will help your breathing in.
  • Can be used for skin issues like athlete’s foot, acne, and dandruff.
  • Can also help joint and muscle pains and cold sores.
As you know, quality matters! I only trust Young Living as they are my product partner and have done the research to support the best products. I love knowing that I will reap the greatest benefits due to the quality of this product. Check out the Seed to Seal Promise to learn more!

So, you want to reap the benefits?  Although it’s all natural, oregano oil is still an antibiotic. It should only be taken for a short time. Oregano essential oil can be used topically, diffused or taken internally. Note that Oregano oil is considered a "hot" oil and needs to be diluted due to the potency, especially if using on the skin, especially on a child's skin. Research dilution ratios for safety. 

Here are some recommended ways to take Oregano Oil: 

1. Add 2-3 drops of oregano oil in a glass of water and drink to treat a systematic infection or soothe a sore throat.
2. Combine 2-3 drops of oregano oil with small amount of aloe vera gel or coconut oil, and apply on nail fungus, acne, cold sores, shingles or psoriasis skin condition. Do not use oregano essential oil on broken or sensitive skin as it may cause a burning sensation. With every application, use a clean cotton pad to avoid spreading the bacteria.
3. Combine same parts of oregano essential oil with career oil such as coconut oil or organic olive oil and apply to sore muscles, joints, and backaches for relief.
4. Add 3-4 drops of oregano essential oil in a glass of water and drink 2-3 times daily before meals to stimulate your immune system when you’re feeling under the weather.
5. Add 1-2 drops of oregano essential oil on your toothbrush with toothpaste, for eliminating bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.
6. Mix 1-2 drops into a spoonful of honey to take for sore throat, coughing and immune boosting. 

Guidelines for taking Oregano essential oil
Before using oregano essential oil, put a drop of it on your arm to make sure there is no reaction. Add 3 to 4 drops of 100 percent therapeutic grade oregano essential oil in a glass of water and drink 2-3 times daily before meals. For some people, these few drops may cause a little burning sensation in the mouth. Therefore, if you cannot handle it, lower the number of drops.
Take oregano essential oil orally only for 7 to 10 days at a time. If needed, take a 7-day break, and continue another 7 to 10 days. Oregano essential oil is so potent that it must not be taken on a long-term basis.
The benefit of natural antibiotics is that they don’t cause any side effects as they don’t destroy the beneficial probiotic bacteria, thus can only improve the health of your gut flora.