Ending January with a BANG! (AND Free Shipping!)


I can hardly believe that the month is already almost over. Time is flying! 

Even though it is January, I am just now starting to have times where I can reflect on the past year. This past year was challenging in some ways and very awesome in other ways. It definitely was a time of self-growth and learning. This current year seems to be taking the same direction... 

The past year brought a HUGE shift in my health, as I was able to take control of some areas through the Young Living supplements to add to my health and support my systems. I did not know much about our supplements but I have learned a lot in the past year and they are now a KEY component to my health! My health has improved and I have a better direction for this new year and, better than anything, I have HOPE! I went through a period where my health struggles were depressing and I did not have answers! THAT was the worst part. But I have answers. I have direction. And I have a focus. And HOPE. 

This year also brought challenges. My mom quickly became sick and passed away quickly. I am the executor for her estate, so that brought a lot of focus and shift of priorities for me, both before and especially after her passing. Then there is the grief that I know I have not fully experienced yet. While I feel capable in handling her affairs, it has been a lot in the midst of my own job and running a side business, taking care of two children and a home, sometimes having my husband away for a week at a time for his job, and navigating my health. My health has been bad enough that some days I can barely move or think, much less REALLY be invested in all the various tasks and keeping everything straight. So, I have found new ways to be very organized and ways to increase me focus and navigate my time better, in spite of all the other pieces on my ever-full plate. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to learn these skills. I know they will be able to help me in many areas of my life! 

I have been able to reconnect with my faith, which has always been a HUGE part of my life. But with my recent health struggles, physically, mentally and emotionally, I have struggled to lean in on my faith. I have refocused myself and I think my peace as well as my health, physical and mental and spiritual, have all improved. 

As this month wraps up, I am reflective on the past and moving forward with my business and family and decisions as the new year is now in full swing. I am grateful for my health and family and I am excited to move forward into this new year! 

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Until next week....