Can you BELIEVE the STATS!?

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I could not contain my excitement today.... and I HAD To share!!! 

Can you believe these STATS?! 

Have you purchased this book yet? I think you, too will be blown away by the incredible and inspiring stories found in this collaboration! If not, Pop over HERE to grab your copy! (Or Christmas is coming... ;) ) 

And check out my author interview! HERE

If you would like to share a review of the book, I would be delighted! Pop on over to Amazon and share your thoughts! 

If you have any additional thoughts or ideas about courses that I should be creating for you (or others you know!), reply back to this email and share away. I would love to hear from you what would be helpful to you! 

I am on a mission to support people in this crazy season of life so feel free to reach out with ideas or if you need your own support! I wish I had a life coach or my own cheerleader of sorts when I was struggling in my own life 5 years ago... I don't want you to be struggling alone! 

Anywho! I am grateful for you! Thank you for reading my story and supporting me on this journey! Please remember to do self-care- we can always benefit and we all know this season is harder. 

Happy Friday! 

Let's Chat About Holisitic Health....

Hey Friends.

In these crazy times, one great thing about our current events is that many of us are looking at our health and habit more and refining what it means to be healthy. Maybe that means taking it just a wee bit more seriously or maybe that is making major changes to create a better quality of life.

No matter where you are on the "health" spectrum, I wanted to share a little about a great resource that just may help you in your journey.We know that our body as a WHOLE is connected! I never have understood why people look at the teeth as separate, not impacting the rest of the body, or how seeing a specialist for a condition is only related to that "condition." I mean- how can they be disconnected when they literally are woven together? That is why I focus on HOLISTIC in my practice and with my family. There are many things that are interlinked- more than we often realize!

This book is a great one to look at the body and emotional links as well as looking at language and affirmations and how they can impact your well being!I would encourage you to look at this gem. There are some easy to skim parts and some more in depth parts, depending on where you are. I had this book for years and really only skimmed it for a long while... and still have not read it entirely! It is a great start to get you thinking about the mind-body connection and start thinking about how that applies to you and your own health. It is a nice price and deserves some attention. Order HERE

I have a giant collection of other resources and tools that are wonderful if you would like to dive in deeper to all the emotional links. Just let me know. :)

And, did you know? I am a Body Code Certified Practitioner! You might be wondering what the heck is that? 

Well, Body Code is a state of the art energy healing technique. Did you know that stressful events, negative emotions and painful injury that you have experienced is stored in some part of your body, all the way down to the cellular level? These emotions can be in your muscles, your organs, your connective tissues, your joints, etc. The Body Code helps to release these stored emotions that have been "recorded" in the body.

The six areas of true health is being balanced in the following SIX areas:

*Energies: Identifying and removing damaging energies that can become trapped in the body during stressful emotional events.

*Circuitry: Balancing the energy systems including the chakras, meridians, and energy circuits of the organs and glands.

*Toxicity: A Body Code Session can identify and address toxic agents that don't show up on medical tests as well as those that do.

*Pathogens: Destructive and often elusive infections can be easily identified along with necessary remedies that help rid the body of them.

*Structural: Imbalances of the bones, organs, connective tissue, muscles, and nerves can be treated non-envasively.

*Nutritional: Nutrient Deficiency as well as imbalances such as dehydration, magnetic field deficiency, or a need for a healing food or herb.

Body Code works to find specific problems and remove them. It is a tool that taps into the unconscious to tune into what needs to be corrected.Similar to a computer, the subconscious mind will record every belief, thought, action, or word throughout our lifetime. It uses Kinesiology, or muscle testing, to gather information. Sessions are customized to meet the client's needs and target specific issues. If you are interested in learning more, please send me an email and we can talk to see if this technique may be right for you. If you want to learn more about the Emotion Code and how it works, check out the book HERE:

If you find this resource helpful, please let me know! Comment below and share your thoughts!

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