Some things you might not know... (About your microbiome!)

-Microbes that live in our body outnumber our cells by 10:1
-Essential oils (good quality ones) can differentiate between "good" and "bad" bacteria. 
-The microbiome programs our immune system. 
-Many autoimmune disorders are traced back to an unhealthy microbiome. 
-The microbiome synthesizes neurotransmitters and is ultimately connected to our brain health. It is often called the "Second Brain" with 100 million neurons in our GI tract with connection to the brain via the vagus nerve. 
-Emotional, mood and brain disorders are all able to be addressed through the microbiome. 
-People who have trouble losing weight have a different microbiome. If you change your microbiome, you change the results. 
-Hormone balance (endocrine system) is connected to the microbiome. 
_Many health disorders are connected to the microbiome. 
The first step in dealing with any health issue is to fix your microbiome. This includes everything from weight, autoimmune, hormones, brain, etc. 
-Adding in whole foods and a variety of plant based foods boost the diversity of the microbiome and creates a "richness" that creates balance and health. 
-All mental health issues have ties to nutrition, i.e., the microbiome, and can be helped with natural remedies. Most issues, if caught soon enough, may never require medications! 

So, why do I share all these stats with you? 

I share because so many people are suffering from something that CAN be remedied! 

It has been an exciting journey to see the ways that nutrition and lifestyle changes can change people's mental and emotional health, not to mention the physical aspects too. As a holisitic therapist and life coach, I help people look at the lifestyle changes to make changes in their microbiome for a complete health transformation. It is amazing to see the results that come just with simple lifestyle changes and high quality supplementation. I want you to know that if you are someone who is struggling with any element in your health and well-being, there is HOPE! 

Change your microbiome, change your life. <3

The Surprising Ways Water Affects Our Health


We all know that water is essential for life. But did you know that it can also have a profound impact on your mental well-being? That's right! Anxiety, physical and mental fatigue, and even your mood can be improved by simply drinking more water. 

Not to mention, it is also essential for flushing toxins out of your system, regulating body temperature and keeping your skin healthy. We focus better, nutrients are carried to cells and it keeps our joints lubricated. 

Next time you are feeling stressed or run down, check your hydration! And no... juice and soda obviously are not water but.... coffee and teas also don't count just because they are made with water! ;) 

The average adult needs 8.5 cups of water daily. But stats show that most people only drink 1.5 cups!!! Say what? Can you imagine the difference in all the areas of you added in an additional 7 cups of water daily?! What a difference that might make in all areas of your health! 

Thinking points:

How much water do you drink daily? What are your tips for drinking more or even hitting your goal? Track symptoms and note what changes as you increase water intake (including water-filled foods like cucumbers and salads) and how you feel. 

Sometimes simple changes make big impact. <3 

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