Are you ready for BURN?!

Did you hear the news?!? 

The newest Gut-friendly microbiome building tool is GBX Burn that is designed to work with GBX Fit to help with targeting both your white and brown fat to have more optimal shaping results. Have you ever felt that your body just will NOT respond not matter what you do?! 

Yes, me too. I know that cycle all too well. 

Coming from the bodybuilding world, I have the tools to build muscle, and I have the knowledge about nutrition, food timing and supplementation yet also struggle with losing those unwanted pounds. It has been a struggle! Some people say that it is just an effect of aging. But that is not true! If that were the case, no one over 40 would have the ripped abs or would have the energy to run a marathon. What we can safely say is that our microbiome is effected negatively by stress, lack of quality sleep and our environment just as much- if not more!- than by nutrition and exercise. They all play into our overall health! When we are stressed, our body is impacted by cortisol and more that impact our gut health. 

Our gut health impacts our mood and health in no many ways! 

Check out this article and this one, this one and this one... All talking about the importance of our microbiome! Also check out PubMed or any other source... It is becoming a big topic these day! (Finally!)

If you have a couple pounds to shed, it is likely your microbiome that is impacting your weight, especially if it is stubborn! GBX Fit is the world's FIRST Quadbiotic to help restore gut health and balance while combining it with the new GBX Burn to give your body the internal thermagenic effect to burn fat from the inside out. 

By joining the challenge, you have a chance to earn some amazing prizes, including a trip to Antigua, Peloton, and more! I know I will be participating! My microbiome needs to rebalance and I am hopeful that my body composition will shift! (Have you seen the 8 week results?!)

See the Link above for the details of the challenge and the packs you can order to join in! Are you ready for BURN!?! 

Let me know if you are ready to jump in! I am excited to cheer you on! 

xoxo, Judith