The 10 Most Amazing Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

If you had the choice to breathe purified or unpurified air, which one would you choose? Don’t overthink this now . . .

Using the best essential oil diffusers is proving to have amazing health benefits. Aromatherapy, inhaling the purified healing constituents of essential oils, is becoming a newly rediscovered frontier in medicine.

Pub Med lists some 300 articles on the medical benefits of essential oils. In fact, the number of published medical journal articles on the scientific wonders of EO vapors in 2016 alone is astounding.

In fact, a recent journal article titled “Essential Oils, A New Horizon in Combating Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance,” researchers Polly et. al. note that: “Combination therapy combining conventional antibiotics and essential oils is currently blooming and . . . this new generation of phytopharmaceuticals may shed light on the development of new pharmacological regimes in combating antibiotic resistance.

Research is emerging at an exponential rate, in fact, that essential oils are proving to be antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal wonders that can detoxify your home and can benefit your health in all kinds of intriguing ways.Today I’m going to discuss some of the most important health reasons we should use diffusers for health, happiness, and to protect our loved ones and us from life- threatening environmental threats.

Ultrasonic or Nebulizing? Well, Both Would be Best, Really. . .

The reason I say this is because (a) all homes have different sized rooms and some diffusers work better in large rooms (nebulizing | atomizing) and (b) sometimes you want and need a diffuser for smaller spaces that can also work to moisten the air with water (ultrasonic). So, I use both in my home, several of each, and I use them both indoors and outdoors.

Portable diffusers are wonderful for using in the car or on the go. And hotel rooms, we all know, need detoxifying. Badly.

Indoors, the powerful constituents within essential oil’s super-charged vapors work to envelope your home in the uplifting, healing, protective powers of essential oils and to purify the air that you breathe.

The Top Ten Wonder-Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oil Vapors

1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Diffusing Essential Oils Relieves Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oil Vapors

The powers of essential oils to help promote relaxation and reduce stress have been well documented since the advent of aromatherapy.

Recent studies have only confirmed the power of essential oils like lavender to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, and promote relaxation. Just plug “lavender and aromatherapy” into Pub Med and you get countless results for how lavender is proving effective to relax patients undergoing medical procedures of all kinds.

In fact, in one of the first scientific studies to research the effects of an essential oil blend, found that a blend of bergamont and lavender essential oils alleviates both anxiety and depression in patients. Diffusing lavender is also evidencing in studies to have overwhelmingly positive effects for postpartum depression, stress, and anxiety.

2. Diffuse EOs for Improved Sleep for the Whole Family

Parents in the know have been using essential oil diffusers to help their children to go to sleep quickly for decades, and they will be the first to tell you of the positive effects of using essential oils to promote fast, deep sleep and positive dreams. Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers can be wonderful for children’s rooms, because they both moisturize the air and power it with the relaxing constituents of essential oils. Plus, ultrasonic diffusers boast a whisper-quiet hum that is can gently lull you to sleep. Diffusers for kid’s rooms come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes and do wonderfully tricky things with vapor (like stream it out a pig’s nostrils). Many of them light up and can function as both a night-light and diffuser.

For a super-sleepy blend for kids, use a blended oil of comprised of Bulgarian Rose, Roman chamomille, and lavender essential oils– around five drops of the blend — in an ultrasonic diffuser, to moisturize and positively charge your air with blissful, deep sleep.

For parents who want a blend guaranteed to fight insomnia, try using an atomizing diffuser set to a one to two hour setting (this preserves your oils) with an auto-shut off. Then, fill your nebulizer with lavender, chamomile or orange essential oils! This blend will smell delicious and help to alleviate anxiety, promote relaxation, and help you fall asleep with ease.

3. Diffusing EOs Helps Curb the Appetite

There is all kinds of research going on into how we can learn more about our health by studying the brain’s relationship to our olfactory glands. In fact, the 2015 Nobel Prize was awarded in this field.

New research into the benefits of diffusing peppermint is evidencing its power to curb appetites, induce our satiety response, and enhance energy.

The power of scent to either curb or enhance appetite is not, of course, hard to fathom. Everyone chef knows the powers of sizzling bacon and sautéing onion and garlic to make restaurateurs hungry. Well, it turns out that we can turn off our appetites with scent as well.

In his book, Dr. Alan Hirsch explains how diffusing peppermint essential oil can help to curb our appetite and make us feel full earlier, by affecting the brain’s ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus, which is our brain’s satiety center.

**** It is important to note here that we are talking about diffusing oils not ingesting them orally. Oral use of oils may be poisonous, as it is hard to prove the exact purity and ingredients of some oil brands. See for more information on Young Living oil quality! 

4. Diffusing EOs Gives You a Deliciously-Scented Home Without Risk of Fire or Harmful Chemicals

The benefits of using essential oil diffusers to waft scent all about your home are myriad. They purify your air while scenting it (unlike contaminant-filled air fresheners and candles), there’s no risk of damaging your respiratory system with harsh chemicals, and there’s no risk of catching your house on fire – or your cat’s tail!

Popular essential oil blends to try that super-infuse your environment with delicious- smelling aromas include rose, ylang ylang, sweet orange and patchouli essential oils. Other popular scents for homes are sandalwood, valor and many others!

5. Essential Oil Diffuser/ Humidifiers Models are Superhero Bacteria-Killing Wonders

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers are powerful bacteria-fighting wonders in the way they break down free radicals in our air and this power is only doubled when you diffuse the proper essential oils for that purpose.

Atomizing and nebulizing diffusers, are good for powering a large area outdoors or indoors with a flood of antimicrobial and antifungal EO constituents (800 – 1,000 sq. ft.). This makes them great for dens, master bedrooms, patios, kitchens, and living rooms. They are also good for the outdoors or going camping because they require no water and can protect you from getting bacterial infections from grass, dirt, etcetera. In fact, diffusing essential oils has proved to help heal and prevent bacterial infections such as MRSA and STAPH. Good bacteria-fighting choices are. Eucalyptus, Thyme and Clove. Tea tree is also a powerful anti-bacterial oil that can be diffused or applied topically to fight STAPH and MRSA infections.

Even though they require water, ultrasonic diffusers function to double-purify the air, first through use of bacteria-fighting essential oils and the second, through breaking the molecules of essential oils up, releasing negative charged ions that attach to positive free radicals in the air, detoxifying all air within range.

6. Essential Oil Diffusers Can Help to Rid Your House of Deadly Molds and Fungal Threats of All Kinds

Essential oils prove very effective in eliminating fungal yeast threats and inhibiting the growth of mold of all kinds, including black mold and fluconazole-resistant strains of candida. For destroying fungus before it can spread, scientists find that pine or tea tree are the best fungal fighters.

7. Essential Oils Repel Even the Deadliest of Mosquitos

Most mosquito repellants contain very harsh ingredients such as DEET, which many people do not want near their air pathways (or children) as its made of poisonous, noxious liquids which kill mosquitos, yes, but might kill our fragile airways as well.

Researchers have found that two specific essential oils, clove and lemongrass essential oils, repel ONE of ZIKA carrying mosquitoes, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, at a rate of 100% (article one and article two). They are currently working on finding another oil to repel mosquito two.

So using a super-powered atomizing diffuser outside with a super-long cord and high-power settings, can help protect you and your loved ones from viral diseases and the predators that carry them.

8. Essential Oil Diffusers/Humidifiers Help Eliminate Mucus in Lungs and Nasal Passages

I still love the smell of Vapo-Rub® to help me sleep at night when I have a cold, and that’s because my grandmother used to rub this into my chest to help me breathe better. Of course, Vapo Rub is made from a eucalyptus-like plant with powerful decongestant powers.

And there are all kinds of essential oils whose vapors have the power to eliminate mucus in the nasal passages and lungs, helping you and your children to breathe better, such as eucalyptus, thyme, frankincense and peppermint essential oils. 

In fact, using essential oils vapors has been shown to cure pneumonia in mice and researchers are hard at work on proving its effectiveness on humans as well.

9. Diffusing Essential Oils Creates a Strong Anti-Viral Environment

In a recent article in The Atlantic titled “Essential Oils Might Be the New Antibiotics,” author Tori Redding notes that “scientists have turned up exciting results” by using essential oils to counter “the growing antibiotic crisis”

In recent studies, for example, diffusion of certain essential oils is proving that they are powerful vius fighters as well. 

As You Can See, EOs Can Ultimately Save You Thousands in Doctor BillsWith the power of essential oils used to enhance health, protect us from bacterial infections like MRSA, viruses such as the flu, bug-borne illnesses such as ZIKA, and fungal infections of all kinds, as well as to promote wellness through decreasing stress, enhancing our quality of sleep and promoting happiness and emotional well being, it is easy to see how diffusing essential oils is an economical choice that will benefit our health in myriad ways – much like a gym membership can (without the risks of fungal and bacterial infections, however).

The question anymore isn’t “why should I diffuse essential oils” but “what kind?” And “how often?” Hopefully, this information will help youmake some wise purchases and some super-informed choices about which oils you need and which diffusers you want to fill your environments with purity, health, and happiness.

Essential Oils are helpful in dealing with the emotions! As a Mental Health clinician, I use oils allll the time in processing emotions. It is amazing how gentle they work and the extraordinary benefits they have in supporting the emotions! While emotions are a great reason for diffusing and having positive benefits on our bodies and health, here are a few other ways these oils can help! 

• Changes a negative mindset
• Comforts children and pets
• Entertains guests
• Gets rid of nasty odors
• Improves focus
• Improves memory
• Improves sleep quality
• Promotes quiet time
• Promotes relaxation
• Purifies the air
• Reduces appetite
• Reduces food cravings
• Reduces stress
• Soothes anxious pets and children
• Supports a healthy immune system

The Diffuser

My favorite type of diffuser is known as a cold water diffuser. These diffusers are the best choice because they don’t harm the essential oils with heat and the oils are dispersed very evenly throughout the air (think Nano particles!). There is also very little waste involved compared to other cold methods which is a huge plus.

The distance the oils can travel through the air and the length of time they’re diffused largely depends on the diffuser you buy.

The worst diffusers to use therapeutically are wax warmers, soapstone tea light diffusers, or any other diffuser that uses heat as a means to disperse oils throughout the air. I know. I can hear you now but trust me on this one. Applying heat to any pure essential oils is going to harm and degrade the very constituents that make it therapeutic. If you are looking for a scented option only then by all means you can certainly use whatever diffuser you have on hand but if you want the healing effects these oils have to offer then go with a cold water diffuser.

You also want to use very clean water, preferably distilled water. Cold water diffusers can easily get clogged by minerals and other particles found in tap water and even some spring waters. It’s best to avoid them in my experience especially if you have invested in a nice diffuser.

When looking for a diffuser, just like using essential oils, quality matters! There are a lot of great diffusers to choose from to help you reap the rewards of using these plant based oily gems. 

If you have questions or concerns about diffusing, please let me know. I will help you do your research to help you make the choice that is best for YOU! 

Happy Diffusing! 


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