Living your best life!
I have been a bit quiet lately, as I have been working on completing my Integrative Mental Health Certification! Whoo hoo! So, what this means is that I am able to better integrate health and wellness products into my private practice! I have tons of resources and testimonies that discuss nutritional, health and oily ways to improve both physical AND mental health. As a licensed mental health therapist, I understand how important all pieces are in complete wellness! 

I am working on ways to be more complete with my current clients as well as ways to increase my reach to others who would benefit the skills that I have in my back pocket. Do you need life coaching? Counseling? Spiritual development? Goal setting and vision casting? Nutritional or movement challenges that interfere with life? Do you have children or other family members that are not living their best life? Do any of these speak to you??? 

If so, reach out. Brainstorm with me. I want to use my skills to help others learn and live their best life. Overcome what hinders those strides and help you feel worthy of what you were created for! 

I love this testimony of how oils support healing and well-being and, given my topic for writing today, thought I would share it! One of a gazillion and one ways that these plant based products enhance our lives! Check it out! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 
XOXO Happy Friday! 


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