Motherhood and Vulnerability
Being a mom is hard. Being a mom working outside the home can provide many additional challenges. The added stresses and challenges that motherhood brings. 

I notice for myself I am challenged often by my own doubts. My self-talk brings questions around my capabilities as a woman, a wife, a mother and my role in my workplace. How many other mommas are with me? I think that is a common piece for many of us. We question if we are doing the right thing, said the right thing. If we are competent. Capable. Worthy.  

Ooooh. Yes. Worthy. 
We as women desire to feel worthy. Loved. Cared for. Understood. Heard. 

Have you checked out the Netflix Brene' Brown special? It discusses VULNERABILITY. Vulnerability. A risk. Uncertainty. Being emotionally exposed. Aka: REAL. Making a disclosure and showing uphow many po and being seen even when you are uncertain about the outcome. 


I notice when I am scrolling social media and I see a post about #momlife. Man, the comments and posts that follow- how we all relate and how true the post is. Yet, how many speak from their own hearts? Not JUST comment on another post. 

Sometimes as mom's we have to execute the "unsaid" and be brave, sharing the struggle. The real life and honest. 

What are you struggling with most? What oils or other products do you use to support your thinking, emotions and physical health? 

I recommend you check out Brene's special and see what it stirs up with you. And I challenge you to find ways that you can "choose courage over comfort" in your own life. 

Own it. 


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