We all have 'em! 

How our emotions are dealt with make a difference in our functioning. How we react or interact changes based on how we can handle these emotions. 

Emotions are a God-given tool to help us process and provide information to us. Emotions are INFORMATION. It is how we use that information that is key! 

We all have heard that angry people develop hypertension and heart disease. Issues with the liver comes with a lack of forgiveness and self-hate. The list goes on and on. Some health issues can be quite intense. 

How we handle out emotions can be a turning point for us in how we can live our lives. These amazing products are incredible for helping support our systems, including our emotional systems! Emotional wellness is key to making progress in our lives. By using oils to enhance our feelings of courage, reduce feelings of anxiety or depression, increase focus and motivation. 

I love Aroma Freedom Technique, as it is a way to use the oils to get "unstuck" by reducing the negative memories and/or emotions. It is a protocol that guides the user with specific guidance to help shift the emotions with the assistance of these oils. It is amazing to see the shift and heavy emotions lift! It is an amazing tool to enhance our emotional health. 

2019 psk emotions version


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