Did it feel like January has taken FOR-EVER??? Technically, it is still not yet over.... 

I don't know about for you, but in my house, there has been SICKNESS and ickies lingering since Christmas day. Not a fun way to begin the year! Trying to manage work, family, events and LIFE in the midst of the funk has not been ideal. 

That is life sometimes, unfortunately. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and lighter evenings. Energy and activities. Flowers in bloom and drinks on the patio in the evening. Doesn't that sound wonderful?? 

I am grateful for the amazing products that I have in my home that allow us to keep truckin' a little better than we would if we were without. Seriously. Ningxia Red for a giant antioxidant boost? Peppermint to support the airways. Oregano for reducing throat pain. FemiGen and PD 80/20 for ALL the hormone support for mom here. Stress away for the teenager who is worrying about missing school. DiGize when the belly is feeling funky. Lavender for ear pain reduction.  Thieves for laundry and disinfecting surfaces. 

I cannot tell you how great it is to know that I can take care of my family without all the harsh chemicals or medications. That I can continue to support our systems in the midst of the funk... even supporting your system can still result in sickness but the recovery time is better with support. I don't even want to think about how long these germs would linger if I did not have ways to support my system better! 

I am looking forward to sharing more with you about how we support our systems as well as other uses for these oils that we love in our family. <3


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