I just created a list of alllll the different projects that I am very ambitiously planning for in 2023. It is a tall order but I am hoping that at least a majority of them are able to be completed before the year is over!

My projects are mostly house projects. Everything from putting in our new flooring to getting our patio in order to be able to enjoy the outside space much more in the upcoming year. I ordered a patio set for setting and a pergola to go over the pad where our hot tub used to be.... (that was a removal project on our list for quite some time and finally was removed this year!). This past year felt... Weird. I am not sure why. We normally have more projects and outside time and this year, there was not much happening around here. I painted inside our house, making the living room and kitchen brighter. That is about all.
While that has been a HUGE change in brightening up our space, I am looking forward to having new (lighter) floors added and little changes that can go a long way, like the replacing of our front door and front porch light fixture. We have new garage door openers that don't work- they need to be working! Our fireplace needs a makeover- probably a coat of paint and a slab of wood for a new mantle. We have doors I want to replace and outdated hardware in some of the rooms in the house. Our bed frame is... creaky and wobbly. It is pretty but I am over it so I ordered a new bed frame that will also be set up... after the flooring goes in!

Then there is the outdoor space. I feel like our outside has been neglected. I had a cute little palm tree that has sadly died... and our yard is a bit overgrown. I want it to be a cozy space and allow the plants to grow and thrive! I cannot tell you the number of plants that have died in my yard! Including my garden. I am focused on not allowing that this next year! 

I feel like I am at a place that physically I can handle more projects and mentally? Yes. I NEED the space to be cozy. I spend a lot of time in my house and I want to love it. I want to be outside anytime the sun is shining in the summer months and I need a happy place to be. 

A part of me felt a touch selfish, thinking of all the projects I want to prioritize this upcoming year. It is not a lot of money but it requires time. I have a husband who is busy with work and often working more than he should. (I know... "Should"). But I need projects to break up my life. My home and work is where I am. If I am working from home, I need to create a happy place. I want to love my space and want my girls to be cozy here too. I am tired of being a "work in progress" all the time. 

Maybe that is because I am a work in progress... and I don't need my space to be either. Something might as well be "done" and if it can't be me.... ;)  

My journey will be another post but I think that is my goal. Finding success in some area and feeling accomplished. Perhaps it is overcompensating for the areas that I don't feel success or accomplishment but it is a way to support my mission.

I am excited to be able to show progress along the way... 

Stay tuned..... 

What projects-home or garden-do you have in mind for your space in the next year?! DAFWF0qUrf4


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