If you are like me, there is something powerful about a clean house. A clean house is the foundation of a good life. It's the basic unit of organization — and if your home is a mess, it's nearly impossible to keep the rest of your life in order. This is why hiring a cleaner can be such a lifesaver. 

 A clean house is often seen as a sign of good habits and a healthy lifestyle. But it turns out that the benefits of living in a clean home go beyond mere aesthetics. In fact, studies have shown that there are real mental and physical health benefits to be gained from keeping a tidy house. For example, reducing clutter has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood, while having a regular cleaning routine can help to promote mental wellness. In addition, research has also linked clean homes to improved physical health, such as reduced risk of asthma and allergies. 

There's something about a messy house that just seems to breed anxiety. Maybe it's the piles of laundry that seem to multiply overnight or the stacks of dishes that seem to reach the ceiling. Whatever the reason, living in a state of chaos can take a toll on your mental and physical health. But it's not just the mess that can cause problems. Hoarding can also lead to physical and mental health issues. For example, hoarders are at an increased risk for anxiety and depression. They may also suffer from OCD and other mental health disorders. Moreover, hoarders are more likely to have difficulty keeping up with their personal hygiene and may even develop anxiety about leaving their homes. While there's no easy solution to the problem of hoarding, making a few simple changes to your habits and routine can help you take control of your life and improve your mental wellbeing. 

While I am not a hoarder, I definitely have my own share of abundance. And, I can fully relate to being overwhelmed at times with not even knowing what to do with "stuff." Taking the time to de-clutter your home, setting up a cleaning schedule, and getting organized can make a world of difference, not only for your living environment but your physical and mental well-being. So if you're feeling overwhelmed by the mess, don't despair. Just remember that help is available and you can get your life back on track.

I have only had one visit so far from my cleaner and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The weight that is lifted from having more time and less stress trying to keep up is already noticeable. I am on a current project of going through a lot of books and papers and misc that needs to get out of this house and, by hiring a cleaner, my time is better spent on the tasks that only I can do. 

Sometimes we are too tired, overwhelmed or have too many things going on in our busy lives. I would encourage you to consider ways that you, too, can hire out for the tasks you need help with. Or, if hiring out is not an option, looking at a trade with a friend, talking to a church member or family to see how they can help relieve your stress and help your home be more functional. 

So if you're looking for ways to boost your health and well-being, hiring a cleaner might just be the answer. I already feel my sanity has improved! I cannot wait to see what this option does for my mental and physical health over time... 
Trust me- It is worth it. 

What tasks do you find yourself overwhelmed with? Do you hire a cleaner or other help? What is the biggest challenge you wish you had help in? Reply and let me know your thoughts and tips! 

xoxo, Judith 


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