Mental wellness isn’t just black and white.

It’s not just ‘I feel badly’ or ‘I feel great’. It’s a continuum of sorts where you can place yourself somewhere along the line.

And so what I’m finding with this new-to-me product, is that even if I felt good before, I can feel even better.

Through healing the gut it focuses on taking you from a state of tension (beta waves) to a state of predominantly alpha waves or what we call relaxed alertness, in just 60 minutes.

In just ONE day, I changed my brain waves. Measurable outcomes that speak volumes.

In 5-7 days, I changed my neurotransmitters. Memory and mental focus improved and brain fog lifted. And even though I felt good the first few days, now I feel even better!

Sixty days in and I’m starting to see the real mood changes as a result of changes to my microbiome.

As time goes on I am experiencing the phased benefits this product was designed to deliver and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing what my brain and body are capable of when I consistently work on my gut.

Gut health matters and impacts ALL areas of wellness! 

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