Use a simple approach known as the 5R protocol to heal. Leaky gut is a condition characterized by increased intestinal permeability, and often associated with changes to gut bacteria.

Here are the 5 steps.

☝️REMOVE. Shift away from the standard American diet by removing gut triggers like gluten, dairy, alcohol, GMOs, chocolate, sugar, stress, and basically anything that makes your gut not feel good. You may also need treatment for parasites or gut infection to remove them. We also aim to, with the help of our care providers remove any medicines that we can.

✌️REPLACE digestive enzymes, acid, vitamins and minerals that have been depleted. Supplements like betaine HCl may be needed if there is too little stomach acid. Digestive enzymes, especially pancreatic enzymes may be needed. Chronic digestive disease may be a root cause of nutrient deficiencies, and B12, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, iron, or calcium and supplementation is a must.

3️⃣ REPOPULATE. You cannot heal the gut without carefully selecting probiotics and prebiotics. Supplements are basically a must, and they need to be strain specific and super high quality. Add in foods like leeks, artichokes, garlic, onions and bananas for prebiotic fibers and fermented foods like kimchi, kefir or kombucha to get more probiotic food.

4️⃣ REPAIR the lining of the gut. Feed the cells of the lining of your gut glutamine, and repair with supplements like arginine, selenium, molybdenum, aloe, slippery elm, or high quality collagen.

🖐REBALANCE. There is not a problem in the world not caused by stress or worsened by stress. Your gut will absolutely never heal under chronic stress. Supplements like glycine can help build serotonin, theanine can help increase GABA, and corn grass can help you fall asleep without sleep pattern disrupting melatonin.

Your gut can heal. And when it does….everything else begins to heal.

You deserve to be healthy. Here’s to you taking the steps to make it happen.

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Credit to Dr. Lindsey Elmore for the fantastic information! Check her out HERE!


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