It was exactly one year ago. 

It was the first day of school when the skies became smokey. Fires began to grow and eventually ripped through our region. Over 2,800 homes were lost when it all was said and done. Currently, a year later, the air outside is smokey. This morning, the ground was covered in ash.  It seems to be a moment of remembering all the loss of a year ago for our community. Yesterday, we started back to school again. The sky was smokey and the air was thick with smoke yet again.

I was not impacted nearly the same way as many in our community. I know the impact the events of last year had on many but I am grateful that I was not a victim of the fires that ravaged our communities. However, the tensions for me were still high. The memories are still there, stored in my body and subconscious. 

I share this to gently remind us all that we notice. We remember. 

Often times, we don't allow time to process events. Situations. Emotions. Eventually, the moment passes. Then, something shows up, bringing up the emotions and memories and the trauma that was not processed. Sometimes we have processed so we only have some residue show up. Other times, we struggle to have any processing and it all comes back as though we are reliving the same situation with the same intensity of emotions. Wow. Is it not fascinating how our bodies and mind work? 

It is coming up on the 2 year anniversary of my mom's passing. I am nearing the final stage of wrapping up my parents' estate. (My dad passed almost 9 years ago.) So, for over 8 years, I have been dealing with family estate "stuff" in one way or another. I can honestly say that I don't believe that I have processed the loss of either of my parents fully due to all that has been on my plate. I am both anxious and excited to be nearing the end of this chapter- I know that my emotions will be a wreck once it is all officially complete.

My emotions are lingering. I feel them, whether in my heart or in my body. They are waiting to show up in some form or another. Some already have. Some have yet to show themselves but are waiting...

So my question to you is: What do you need to remember? What do you need to process and push through in order to heal? 

When we heal, we heal mentally. Emotionally. Physically. We heal in our mind-body-spirit. We grow and change instead of staying stuck and stagnant. 

How can I help you in your healing journey? 


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