This week. 

Spring Break. 

The last week of March is always Spring Break in Oregon. 

It is a WONDERFUL break for me... as a mom. Not just for the kids. ;) It is nice to have a low key schedule, with little to no agenda and the ability to just REST. My goal is all about SLEEP and rest as I am working SO hard to build my health. My body and my health depends on it. 

Seriously. My HEALTH depends on Sleep. 

I think we often forget how simple things, like water and sleep, are so very important in our lives. They matter so much for our health and well-being. Those little things we take for granted and often don't think about the significance in our longevity. 

As I get older, I am the typical person who NOW sees how health matters. As my health and weight and sleep are impacted and all in question, although improving, I am working hard on understanding the link between those pieces as well as my emotions. That has been my PASSION these days, as I understand now how the emotions impact the body. How they are stored in the body. 

Emotions have frequency. Emotions can help raise, or lower, our frequency in our body. Raising, or lowering, our frequency impacts our health. Water, nutrition, sleep, emotions are ALL pieces that impact our health in part through frequency. 

It has been a fascinating journey to learn about frequency and emotions and how they relate to the body. How Positive Mindset increases frequency and changes our health. 

I am excited to begin sorting the pieces around my journey to be able to share more with my followers! It is the reason that I became an Aroma Freedom Technique and Emotion Code practitioner and why I am continuing by working on Body Code Certification. I see the value of the frequency in the body. The mindset and how beliefs, both positive and negative, impact us as a whole. Body, mind and soul. 

Now, as I continue my Spring Break, I am going to continue my REST. My restorative time for ME. My health and healing journey has had me learning so much about myself and my health and my emotional baggage. You know, all the emotional components that have impacted my health and body. 

Oh, and I JUST received my grounding mats (Yes, PLURAL!) today! I have heard such great things about them- like reducing EMF/WIFI, Gaining quality sleep, reducing stress, reducing inflammation, seeing more energy, improved circulation, detoxification, muscle tension reduction and MORE! If only HALF of these apply to me, I will still be in a far better state! I mean, I think I might be able to conquer the world with more sleep AND more energy! #momlife 

Have you heard of EARTHING/GROUNDING? Have YOU tried it? I would love to hear your results!! 


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